Sleeve Wrap-Around Packaging Machines

Innovation in the sleeve packaging automation solution. Wrap-Around Sleever built by ELITER with joint support from SIEMENS.

Cardboard Sleeve Packaging

Ready meals, dairy products, self-heating meals. drinks and beverages ...

cardboard sleever

Sleeve is eco-friendly form of packaging for reason that the sleeve packaging consumes less packaging and printing material. The sleeve packaging is also of remarkable branding performance for its visual appearance, and thus are widely used in the fast moving consumer goods industries.
In China, ÉLITER is one of the precursors of sleeve packaging automation solutions. From products in single package like ready meals loaded in a tray to multipacked dairy cups and drinks. ÉLITER´s sleeve automation packaging solution has your value covered.
Sleeve - Eco-friendly Form of Packaging

The edge that carton sleeve packaging has over the traditional 6 sided carton boxes are that carton sleeve calls for less packaging and printing materials. What's more, carton sleeve packaging outstrips the carton box in terms of branding and marketing performance.

Click to click the blog and find out the pros carton sleeve has compared with the carton box.

Replace plastic with carton sleeve

Cardboard sleeve packaging is replacing plastic shrink-wrap now that it is more environmentally friendly given that fact that cardboard cartons and sleeves are recyclable and consume less energy during production and degradation.

Check how companies worldwide are removing their plastic packaging.

Innovation by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery in the packaging automation for wrap-around sleeve for either single container or multipack.

Unprecedented carton sleeving automation solutions by a packaging machinery manufacturer in China and built on multi-axis servo driven design.


Yogurt Multipack Sleeve Packaging

The yogurt cup multipack can be defined into various categories according to the number of layers, rows, and side-packs. In this blog, we explain to a detailed level the types of yogurt multipack sleeve packaging and their corresponding packaging machinery and automation solutions for carton sleeve.


Sleeve Styles

Varieties of Sleeve Packagings We Cover

singel tray
dairy cups
tin cans
tin cans
dairy products multipack
Single Container Sleeve Wrap-Around
The single container sleeve wrap-around packaging is the major form of sleeve packaging in the market for ready meals which are usually loaded in a round-edged or rectangular tray.

Trays are collated and introduced into the machine in a timely arranged manner, while the sleeve feeder would place each piece of paperboard sleeve on the tray. The sleeve is when folded by a series of guide and components and sealed by hot melt glue on the bottom.
Carton Sleeve Wrap Around Machine
Single Layer Multipack Sleeving
The single-layer-multipack form of sleeve wrapping is usually seen on dairy products and tin cans such as fish cans, desserts and so on.

Containers are arranged by an infeed system to form a multipack for each time of infeed. The rest of the sleeve wrap around process goes as the same as that of a single container.

Multipack wrap-around sleeve can be sealed by hot melt glue or tuck-lock.
Carton Sleeve Wrap Around Machine
Multi-Layer Wrap-Around Sleeving
ELITER is also capable of enhancing wrap-around sleeve packaging automation for a cluster of mulitpack with several layers.

Such form of sleeve packaging is usually used for economic-pack of yogurts, desserts and other dairy products. Multipack wrap-around sleeve can be sealed by hot melt glue or tuck-lock.
Carton Sleeve Wrap Around Machine
Cardboard Sleeve: Ecofriendly Packaging with Notable Branding Performance

Examples of Wrap-Around Sleeve Packaging

Ready Meals
ready meals Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging
Tuna Cans
Tuna Cans Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging
Yogurt multipack Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging
Dessert Pots
Dessert pots Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging
Microwave Meals
ready meals Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging

Innovation in Sleeve Packaging Automation

Unprecedented Sleeving Automation

Cardboard sleeve is a usual and common form of packaging used for ready meals in the food industry and some of the dairy products both in China and worldwide. Yet the packaging automation for cardbard sleeve is still a blank market where most of the food manufacturers count on imported packaging machinery for sleeve packaging, while at the meanwhile the ready meal market in China has been growing at a unprecedented pace with ratio of increase reached 257.09% in 2021. ELITER's team has taken great effort to fill this blank niche and introduced to the market the first set of Wrap-Around Sleever for sleeve packaging automation.
Advantages of our Sleever
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Applicable for single or mutlipack sleeve packaging
  • Wide range of formats covered
  • Open design and user-friendly operation
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