Tobacco Packaging and Film Overwrapping Machinery

Overwrapping machinery that adds value to your tobacco, shisha, molasses...

Overwrapping Machinery for Tobacco & Shisha Packaging

Film overwrapping automation for tobacco

Performance-and-quality-excellence overwrapping machinery by ELITER Packaging Machinery can enhance film overwrapping packaging automation for tobacco, waterpipe shisha, molasses, E-cigarettes, etc.

The film overwrapping packaging can both add values to your tobacco products by improving the visual appeal, and offer an extra packaging to provide protection against exterior contaminations.
Molasses Tobacco
Tobacco Nakhla Overwrapping Packaging
Smoke Bomb
smoke bomb overwrapping packaging machine
Shisha Tobacco
shisha tobacco overwrapping packaging
Shisha and Hookah Overwrapping Machine Shisha and Hookah Overwrapping Machine

Enhanced by Patented Technology

100 Cycles per Minute
Unparalleld Overwarpper for Tobacco, Shisha and Hookah

Value-added products such as tobacco, shisha and hookah calls for being handled with special care and get packaged in a sleek way.

Overwrapping machines by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery are of totally different level and performance compared with those cheap mediocre ones on the market and thus turn to be the ideal optional for the overwrapping packaging of your tobacco, shisha and hookah products.

The patented technology incorporated within our film overwrappers enable them to run at a higher speed of up to 100 cycles per minute which a optimal performance to coordinate with upstream machinery such as flow wrapper and cartoner of high speed. This is the tremendous edge our overwrapping machines have over the cheap ones on the market.

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End-of-Line Solution for Shisha and Hookah

Secondary Packaging Line Incorporated with Cartoning and Overwrapping

At ÉLITER Packaging Machinery and with our excellence in offering packaging automation solutions for customers from the tobacco industry, we look also to provide an integrated end-of-line solution covering secondary packaging including cartoning and overwrapping at once.

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Shisha and Hookah Overwrapping Machine Shisha and Hookah Overwrapping Machine

Our Packaging Machinery for Shisha and Hookah

From single set of machine for secondary packaging to end-of-line solutions

shisha overwrapping machine
  • 100 Cycles per Minute
  • Patented Technology
  • Unparalleled solution on the market
Shisha Tobacco Packaging Line
  • Complementary for primary packaging
  • Synchronization for Shisha Pouch from upstream HFFS
  • Group bundingling and overwrapping