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Stationery packaging solution is a new section of ÉLITER´s business and packaging automation service.
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YOGOSO - Marker Pen Cartoning Solution

Customized Cartoner with Automatic Feeding and Counting Functions

YOSOGO is a Malaysia Stationery Manufacturer ordered from ÉLITER one set of automatic cartoner for its marker pen. The project is carried out on the basis of our DZH-120 series cartoning machine with a specially design marker pen feeding system.

The feeding sytem is driven by servor motor with functions of automatic counting so that the correct number of marker pens are introduced to the cartoner

An Error-Eliminating System is also incorporated within the cartoner, in case that there are not enough marker pens left in the container and the subsequent result of not enough pens introduced, thus make sure evey output is inserted with reuqired number of pens.

For more details please check the corresponding post Marker Pen Automatic Cartoner for YOSOGO