Wrap-Around Sleever

All servo-driven and unprecendent carton sleeving machine for either single package or multipack.

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Wrap-Around Sleever

Innovative sleeve wrapper, excellent-performance and unprecedented carton sleeving machinery from ÉLITER

Sleeve is an eco-friendly form of packaging that outstrips traditional rectangular six-sided carton boxes in terms of saving printing and paper materials. Packaging sleeve improves as well the branding-performance of the products thanks to its conspicuous appearance and easy-to-bespoke design.

From the perspective of sustainability, cardboard sleeve packaging reduces packaging waste and the use of plastics especially when it comes to multipack packaging in the dairy, drinks and beverage industry. A typical example is the replacement of plastic packaging by cardboard sleeve.

Wrap-Around Sleever by ELITER Packaging Machinery can automate your sleeve packaging process for either single container or multipack, applicable for containers such as trays, tubs, pots, cups, bottles, etc.

ESTRENA Sleever is an advanced sleeve wrapper, carton sleeve packer and carton sleeve wrapping machine with Multi-Axis servo driven system, design incorporated with joint-innovation by ELITER Packaging Machinery and SIEMENS to boost your sleeve packaging automation for ready meals, dairy cups, or whatever the products are.


Benefits and Features
  • SINAMICS V90 Servo Conveter
  • SIMOTICS S-1FL6 Servo Motors
  • Maximum speed of up to 150 PPM
  • Robust SUS construction wtih all FCMs in compliance
  • Aesthetic design with ergonomic incorporated

Wrap-Around Sleever is an advanced carton sleeve wrapping and packaging machine for wrap-around packaging, which is quite normal for products such as ready meals, dairy cups, dessert pots, drinks and beverages.

We introduce to a detailed level the packaging sleeve, products that use carton sleeve and wrap-around sleever here in this article.

Food processing giants all over the world have been attaching effor to reducing plastics used with their packaging. Packaging sleeve thus raises in such circumstance as an eco-friendly alternative to plastics for multipack packaging.

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery appreciates your effort to sustainability and seeks to boost your contribution with our intelligent sleeve packaging automation solutions.

Wrap-around sleever enables a tight carton sleeve packaging that trays of ready meals no longer need to be shrink-wrapped by plastics. This is the unique advantage of wrap-around sleever that applies flat sleeve blanks over packaging machines such as pre-glued cartoner or sleever.

Check here to find how wrap-aruond sleever allows the cardboard sleeve packaging as tight as possible to improve the sustainability with packaging.

Apart from the wrap-around sleever, there are several alternatives including sleeve wrap-around cartoning machine and pre-glued sleeving machine for sleeve packaging atuomation

If you are wondering what are the pros and cons of each one, this article is elaborated for your specially to take decision which one to opt for.

Wrap-Around Sleever
Cardboard Sleeve Packaging Machine

Wrap-Around Sleeve Packaging

From single-package to cluster & multipack

Flat sleeve blanks are placed, by the rotary feeder on the container or containers such as pots, tubs, trays, cups, etc., after which a series of components and guides on the sleever squares and folds the panels of the sleeve around the container(s). The glue unit jets hot melt glue on the flap and then the sleeve is sealed on the bottom.
Single Container
single carton sleeve wrap around machine
Sleeve wrap-around packaging for single contianer is quite common on ready meals (ready-to-go foods), microwave meals, prepared foods such as salad, pizza, and so forth. Our wrap-around sleever is capable of the sleeving packaging from a single tray to a cup.
  • Connection to upstream machinery
  • Infeed system for collated input
  • Adhesive application or interlock pattern
wrap around cartoning machine for yogurt cups
Multipack of yogurt, economic packs of ready meals, multipack tin cans such as canned tuna... whatever in a single layer or multiple layers. Our engineering team can design a special infeed system for stack forming and arrange the input in your wanted form of multipack.
  • Customized infeed system
  • From single layer multipack to multiple layers
  • Cans, dairy cups, trays...
  • After the sleeve is wrapped and sealed around the container one discharge is complete
  • Outputs can be arranged to downstream machinery for case packing and so forth
sleeve wrappping

Sleeve and Package Formats

Carton Sleeving for either single container or multipack


Carton sleeve packer for products from single tray to multipack

Single Container:
Ready Meal, Dessert Pots, etc

Single container with cardboard sleeve is the most simple form of sleeve packaging.Such kind sleeve packaging is common on ready meals such as prepare-foods, microoven foods and dessert pots.

The sleeve makes the packaging simple enough and at the meanwhile enhance a conspicuous visual appeal compared with traditional carton box. The customer is also able to tear the packaging without too much effort which makes it easy and convenient to enjoy the meal.
Carton Sleeve Wrap Around Machine
Multipack Sleeve Packaging

Multipack sleeve packaging is also called sleeve cluster. It is common, as its name refers, for packaging where multiple containers are involved, for example, single layer with multipack rows, single layer with multiple rows and columns, and double layers...

Rather than carton box, sleeves when used for multipack products can save printing and packaging raw materials, apart from the fine appearance sleeves have. Suck packaging is used on multipack yogurt, dairy cups, multipack dessert pots, tuna cans, etc.
cans sleeve carton wrapping around machine

About Wrap-Around Sleever

Packaging Machine for Carton Sleeving

Wrap-Around Sleever is a packaging machine for cardboard or paperboard sleeve packaging. Sleever can be connected to upstream machines such as thermoformer, filling machine, cup sealer, ect. The wrap-around sleever is available for the packaging sleeve of ready meals in trays, dessert pots, snack pots, pet meal in tray of tubs, yogurt cups, and many things else, either in single package or in forms of multipack.

There are various packaging automation solutions for wrap-around carton sleeve packaging. The advantages of wrap-around sleever over others are that sleeves used on sleever come in a flat manner, the package formed is more tight than, for example, that done by a wrap-around sleeve cartoning machine, and more over, sleevers can run at a higher speed.
ESTRENA™ Wrap-Around Sleever is a carton sleeving machine basically for trays of prepared and ready meals, dessert pots, snack pots, pet meals in trays, tubs or pots, etc., For sector-oriented automation solution for wrap-around carton package, check the following blogs please: