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Wrap-Around Sleever

China's Precursor in Carton Wrap-Around Sleeving Machinery
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Wrap-Around Sleever

Innovative, market-leading and unprecedented carton sleeving machinery from ÉLITER

The market of carton sleeve wrap-around packaging machinery in China has for long been a blank niche, while at the meanwhile the ready meals and dairy products industry where sleeve pacckaging is widely used have been growing at conspicuous pace. For the past severals years Chinese factories had to count on imported machinery since in China there was no qualified Wrap-Around Sleever produced.

And then here comes ÉLITER as the trailblzer to pull down the barrier. Our team now introduces to the market our WAS Wrap-Around Sleever which is a full-servo driven carton sleeve wrap-around packaging machinery to break into the niche.

The Wrap-Around Sleever is a carton sleeving machine that can wrap a flat cardobard sleeve around a single container or multipack of containers such as bottles, cans, cups, tubs, trays.The cardboard sleeve is sealed by glue normally on the bottom or interlocked.

An unprecedented and excellent achievement made by a Chinese manufacturer of packaging machines.

Wrap-Around Sleever
Cardboard Sleeve Packaging Machine

Wrap-Around Sleeve Packaging

From single-package to cluster & multipack

Flat sleeve blanks are placed, by the rotary feeder on the container or containers such as pots, tubs, trays, cups, etc., after which a series of components and guides on the sleever squares and folds the panels of the sleeve around the container(s). The glue unit jets hot melt glue on the flap and then the sleeve is sealed on the bottom.
Single Container
single carton sleeve wrap around machine
Sleeve wrap-around packaging for single contianer is quite common on ready meals (ready-to-go foods), microwave meals, prepared foods such as salad, pizza, and so forth. Our wrap-around sleever is capable of the sleeving packaging from a single tray to a cup.
  • Connection to upstream machinery
  • Infeed system for collated input
  • Adhesive application or interlock pattern
multipack sleeving machine
Multipack of yogurt, economic packs of ready meals, multipack tin cans such as canned tuna... whatever in a single layer or multiple layers. Our engineering team can design a special infeed system for stack forming and arrange the input in your wanted form of multipack.
  • Customized infeed system
  • From single layer multipack to multiple layers
  • Cans, dairy cups, trays...
  • After the sleeve is wrapped and sealed around the contianer one discharge is complete
  • Outpus can be arranged to downstream machinery for case packing and so forth


Sleeve pacakging machine for products from single tray to multipack

Single Container:
Ready Meal, Dessert Pots, etc

Single container with cardboard sleeve is the most simple form of sleeve packaging.Such kind sleeve packaging is common on ready meals such as prepare-foods, microoven foods and dessert pots.

The sleeve makes the packaging simple enough and at the meanwhile enhance a conspisucou visual appeal compared with traditional carton box. The customer is also able to tear the packaging without too much effort which makes it easy and convenient to enjoy the meal.
Carton Sleeve Wrap Around Machine
Multipack Sleeve Packaging

Multipakc sleeve packaging is also called sleeve cluster. It is common, as its name refers, for packaging where multiple containers are involved, for example, single layer with multipack rows, single layer with multiple rows and columns, and double layers...

Rather than carton box, sleeves when used for multipack products can save printing and packaging raw materials, apart from the fine appearance sleeves have. Suck packaging is used on multipack yogurt, dairy cups, multipack dessert pots, tuna cans, etc.
cans sleeve carton wrapping around machine

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