Sleevers & Wrap-Around Cartoners

Our expertise in wrap-around packaging automation for carton sleeve is proven by customers from food and dairy products.Either our fully servo-driven wrap-around sleever or the low-speed and entry-level option of sleeve wrap-around cartoners are available for your consideration to wrap ready meals, dairy cups, canned fish, dessert pots and so forth.

Our sleevers and wrap-around cartoners are versatile and compatible with all range of formats including:

  • Single Pack
  • Multipacks
  • Cluster Packs

Our Portfolio of Sleevers

ELITER Packaging Machinery designs and manufactures
both high-speed sleever and low-speed sleeve wrap-around cartoner

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery - a HUANENG Company, designs and manufacturers cartoning machines, overwrapping machines and wrap-around sleevers for a wide range of industries including food, dairy products, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and more.

Our machines are categorized into conventional models which are offered at competitive budget and then those next-generation models that provides premium quality to meet the customer expectation of high-end markets.

For those who look for premium quality and high-speed solutions we have at your option our "Next-Geneartion" model ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever which is built on full SIEMENS platform with multi-axis servos and designed with oepn profile for the ease of cleaning, maintenance and fast changeover.

Those who look for low-speed and affordable options may consider our sleeve wrap-around cartoner which is a customized model that is compatible with various containers and provides faster lead time.

"ESTRENA" Wrap-Around Sleever

ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever


ESTRENA™ Wrap-Around Sleever is a full servo driven carton sleeving machine that employs solid, robust and hygienic stainless-steel construction for food-grade application, and is of ergonomic and aesthetic appearance and excellent accessibility for maintenance. ESTRENA™ is also designed to cover a wide range of sizes of container and with easy, fast and repeatable size changing.

Standard Features of "ESTRENA"

  • Maximum Speed of 150 wraps per minute
  • SIEMENS Control Platform
    • SINAMICS S7-1500 PLC
    • SINAMICS V90 Servo Convertors
    • SIMOTICS S-1FL6 Servo Motors
    • KTP 900 HMI Panel
  • Caster mounted for easy installation
  • Ergonomic safety guards with hall switches for operator safety
  • Robust stainless-steel construction for food-grade use
  • Focke Meler B4 glue melting system
  • Optionally Allen-Bradley platform
  • Optionally washdown to IP65


C-50S Sleeve Cartoner

C-50S Sleeve Cartoner


A low-speed and entry-level option for customers with needs for sleeve wrap-around packaging automation but has limited budget and expects faster lead time. C-50S can wraps canned fish, dairy bottles, nutritional shakes either in multipack (1*2*1, 1*3*1, etc.) or in cluster-pack (2*2*1, 2*3**1, etc.)

Standard Features of C-50S

  • Multipack and clusterpack configuration
  • Low-speed of 40 wrps per minute
  • Faster lead time
  • Glue seam on the top

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