Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoning Machine

* Available for either single or multipack containers
* Economic alternative of fully automatic wrap-around sleever
* Adhesive closure in the superior part
* Adapted to flat blank sleeves or pre-glued sleeves

Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine for Beyond Carton Boxes

At ÉLITER Packaging Machinery we look further beyond carton boxes when it comes to cartoning machines. In response to the demand for automation for carton sleeve packaging and our customer´s effort to contribute to sustainability with sleeves, we present to the market the Wrap'Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine as an economic and low speed alternative to the Fully Automatic Wrap-Around Sleever.

Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoning Machines is available for either single container or multipack, flat blank sleeves or pre-glued sleeves (pre-glued Sleeve Cartoner, in that case). A wrap-around sleeve cartoning machine can primarily place a flat blank sleeve with openings facing sideways and two flaps towards upwards, after the mutilpack of bottles, bowls, tin cans, etc are pushed into place, a series of air cylinders will fold the two flaps and complete closure with hot melt glue in the superior part.

The Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine can handle up to 50 wraps/sleeves per minute depending on the size and product. For higher speed sleeve soltuions, please check our Fully Automatic Wrap-Around Sleever.
  • Economic Alternative to Wrap-Around Sleever
  • End-Load and Adhesive Closure in Superior Part
  • Fits low-speed circumstances
  • Available for either Single or Multipack

  • Sleeve wrap around cartoner machine

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    Available Carton Sleeve Packagings

    single pot or tray ready meal
    yogurt cups
     bottle wrap around sleeve cartoning

    Cartong Machine for Packaging Sleeves

    Economic and lower speed alternative to Wrap-Around Sleever


    Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoning Machines is a one of the three basic kinds of packaging machines for carton sleeves, which are the fully automatic wrap-around sleever, pre-glued sleever, and the hereby mentioned. It is an affordable alternative for the wrap-around sleever and offers lower speed solution for carton sleeving.

    Technical Features

    Sleeves made by the wrap-around cartoning machine always have the closure done with glue-flap sealed in the superior part. In the case that you need to have it in the inferior part of the package, please take note the product should be placed and introduced to the cartoning machine upside down.

    • Expected Speed: 50 sleeves per minute (depending on product and sleeve size)
    • Sleeve and package size: bespoke for each project
    • Partial wrap-around possible
    • or consult our team for further information
    Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoning Machines