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Customer-care for both potential and existing clients is a pivotal part of our business. For pre-sales service as consultancy and after-sales services – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Secondary Packaging Automation Solution

Our packaging autoamtion solutions focus on the secondary packaging with cartoning and overwrapping included

Our cartoning machinery is capable of the cartoning automation of various styles of carton from STE, RTE to those cartons with special designs such as snap-lock bottom.
Our overwrapping machines are featured by its unparalleld output and fully reliable perfomance which stands for our leading position in the market.

cartoning machine and overwrapping machine

Timely After-Sales Services and Warranty Policy

Spare and Wear Parts

A team of after-sales service and maintenance is always at your disposal during the whole life-cycle of our machines delivered and installed

At ÉLITER, our professionals are always ready to get your problems solved among which are

* Operations Guidance and Instruction
* Onsite Installation, configuration and Training
* Spare parts service
* Format changing instruction and components supply

Technical Consult and Personalized Design

Collective thinking, teamwork and brainstrom... Our experienced engineering team and technicians are here to offer and provide you with solutions on a case-by-case reviewed bassis.

We welcome and feel exited to hear from you and prsent you a personalized proposal and packaging automation solution based on your product, you site space, your special requirements and you expectation... We help you in issues as:

* Single equipment design and adapted to your specification
* Advice for Packaging Production Line,its design and improvment
* Special project review and correspondent solution proposal

Consultancy and Design

Fast Delivery and Rigid Quality Control

Consultancy and Design
Throughour our trajectory serving customers globally, ÉLTER has acquired abundant experience in improving our lead time and in the meanwhile maintaining strict quality control.

A always-ready stock, solid relationship with stakeholders on the supply-chain, technicians with excellent professionalism are at your disposal to make sure the delivery is as fast as you required with quality guaranteed.

Our promise:

* Lead time between 25 and 45 days based on details of the project
* Mandatory Sample Test and Shake-Down Test before delivery to ensure machine arrvies at your site without any error
* Pre-configured setting for instant application once equipment arrives
* Urgent delivery upon request

Trade Consulting

Apart from machinery itself. One of our pursuits is also to unshackle the barricade and island of information in international trade caused by physical distance, different pattern of business and operation, complexity of local regulations.

Thanks to our abundant experience in trade, international shipping and as well our local network, we are able to help you with you problem around trade with China, no matter ÉLITER is entailed or not in the issue.

Consultancy and Design

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ÉLITER keeps your product purchased and its perfomance followed. A team of experienced engineers is always at your disposal for any question you may have from installation, configuration, operation to maintenance and any problems about the machine. We believe that it is how we care all the equipments provided through its life cycle and customer care in long-term that keeps our business sustainable.

  • All the machines sold are promised with a warranty for 1 year
  • All machines are dispatched with a Guideline / Manual / Maintenance Guidelines
  • Technical service and consult around the clock to have your demand cover all the 24 hours.
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