Sleeve Packaging Machinery for Ready Meals

Secondary packaging automation and sleever for ready meals and single serve entrees. We are serious about sleeve packaging.

Packaging and Prepared and Ready-to-Eat Meals

Wrap-around sleever and sleeve cartoning machine for ready meals in trays.

Ready to cook and ready to eat meals packaging
Consumer behaviours have shifted a lot during recent days where people are usually strapped for time and taking a meal now is expected to spend as less as time possible. Following this featurs of the days we live, ood processing companies are now flocking into the market to offer miscellaneous of ready-to-cook, and prepared and ready-to-eat meals and single-serve entrees, which are expected to be with the same nutrition with that of meals cooked at home, ease-in-preparation so as to not spend lots of time.

Wrap-Around Sleever for Ready Meals

The consumption and market volume of prepared meals or ready meals are going through the roof nowadays worldwide. Either in Europe and the United States where microwavable meals have long been popular or in China where it is a prospective niche already which popularity seen, the majority of the ready meals are loaded in a plastic tray, sealed by foil or film and then wrapped by a piece of cardboard or paperboard sleeve.

To provide a corresponding packaging automation solutions that meets what the food processing companies in the ready meal sector require: hygienic, ease of maintenance to minimize the downtime, efficient performance to follow their massive production, and to form a tight and accurate sleeve wrapping, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery has worked with SIEMENS China to develop our ESTRENA™ Wrap-Around Sleever which is a full servo-driven machine and can go beyond the expectation of our customers in the food industry.

Ready meals are also referred to as prepared-meals, prepackaged-meals, microwave-meals... ESTRENA™ Wrap-Around Sleever is not only adapted to, in a narrow sense, the traditional ready meals, but also capable of handling the sleeve wrap-around packaging for salad, pasta, pizza, rice, lasagna, vegans in various forms of containers.

wraparound sleever for ready meals

Prepared and Ready Meals

Ready, steady, go!

We have seen ready meals been popular in western countries and now the demand of which is going for upsurge in the rest of the world. People subscribing to ready meal services for weekly delivery and companies go at full steam ahead to keep up with the demand. While a majority of those ready meals are packed with carton sleeve for either purpose simple packaging or fine appearance, our amition is to provide fast, reliable and responsive packaging automation solution for their production.

Products we automate
  • Microwavable Meals: prepared pasta, ready-to-eat salad, lasagna, paella, etc.
  • Frozen foods: fresh salad, meat, fish, meal kits.
  • Pet meals: prepared pet food
  • Ready-to-cook meals
  • Canned Foods: Canned tuna, canned corn
  • Single Serve Entrees
  • and more...


Advantages of our "Next-Generation" Solutions

Robust AISI SUS 304 Construction

Many manufacturers in China claim that their machines are SUS 304 construction yet in fact they cover AISI A3 Carbon Steel with SUS 304 plates or even SUS 201, and they will use galvanized and coated steel parts which are PITFALLS for food safe serving.

On the contrary, We know the importance of food safety and build our ready to eat meal sleever on robust AISI SUS 304 construction with some aluminum and plastics parts involved.


Servo Technology Allows Simplified Mechanical Structure

The multi-axis servo structure with SIEMENS SINAMICS V90 Servo System allows mechanical design to be simplified with fewer mechanical structures to be involved, thus to simplified the transmission system between different sections of the machine. The benefits are:

  • Fewer mechanical parts to deal with
  • Allows higher level of sanitation
  • Maintenance is facilitated

  • Smart Approach to Boost your Efficiency

    Our smart HMI with "state-of-the-art" allows smarter solutions for changeover

  • Guided size changeover with step-by-step instruction through HMI
  • Servo supported automatic size changeover

  • Size changeover will be completed within some several minutes with minimum manual intervention.

    It's not only about the Packaging

    Packaging machine is not just an industrial product for automation, yet may also offer self-actualization options for your expectation:

  • Safety and ergonomics
  • Aesthetic design
  • Steel nets or perforated SUS safety guard for EC safety standards

  • Versatile Packaging Automation for Sleeve

    All styles of sleeve packaging covered for ready to eat meals and Single Serve Entrees

    ESTRENA™ Wrap-Around Sleever

    Cutting-edge sleeve wrap-around packaging machine for ready meals

    sleeve wrapping of ready meals
    Format changeover is simple with various tools available in the machine without necessity to replace much parts. The changeover takes around 10 minutes only.