ÉLITER | DZH-120S Automatic Sleeve Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

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DZH-120S Automatic Sleeve Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

Multipack Carton Sleeving Solution

DZH-120S Automatic Sleeve Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

For carton sleeving packaging automation the customer can turn to various solutions such as pre-glued sleeving or fully automatic sleeving, yet the former is of less satisfying stability while the second one requires installing such a specific machine that may not be of wide application.

So ÉLITER introduces to the market the Intermittent Sleeve Wraparound Cartoner to give expediency for multipack carton sleeving solution. The machine handles the multipack carton sleeving covering ranges as follow:

1x2x1 to 2x2x3 (row, layer, side packs)

A specially infeeding and piling system is to be incorporated together with a set of sleeving sealing system.


The DZH-120S is a fully automatic sleeve wraparound cartoning machine with an intermittent motion design that handles the carton sleeving packaging automation with a maximum output 0f around 50 sleeves per minute. The machine handles multipack specifications as follow:

Layer Row Side Packs
1~2 1~2 2~3
  • Servo driven infeeding system in case of multiple layers
  • PLC controlled sleeving system incorporated with cylinder and Meler B4 Glue Melter
  • Top Sealing and Bottom Sealing for choice
  • Applicable for bottles, jars, cans, plastic containers, trays, etc
DZH-120S Automatic Sleeve Wrap Around Cartoning Machine

Technical Data

Model DZH-120S ( Wraparound Sleeving)
Output 40-60 Multipacks per Minute
Cardboard Quality 250-350g/m2
Dimension Max. Length 45cm / Max. Width 17cm
Air Supply Pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Consumption 120-160L/min
Voltage 380V 50HZ / Customizable
Motor Power 3.50Kw
Dimension (≥3300)*1200*1800mm
Weight 1300KG


DZH-120S is able to pile the products in multiple layers and rows with several side packs. The piled multipack is inserted into an erected sleeve, overlapped by it, and adhesively sealed on the bottom or top.

After-sales service

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