ÉLITER | BT-2000L Automatic Overwrapping Machine - Tri.Driver®

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BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine – Tri.Driver®

China’s Best Overwrapper with Output of 100PPM

BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine – Tri.Driver®

Installed with our patented technique Tri.Driver® that improves film infeed and operation stability when working at higher speed, the BT-2000L is currently the top leading overwrapping machine in the Chinese market with the capability of reaching 100 PPM as maximum and in the meanwhile ensuring a perfect film fold-wrapping performance. Apart from the advanced technique, the machine is built with an improved turret design that calls for less format mold cost and fast, quick, and easy format change manipulation. All of these features make it the unparalleled automatic overwrapping machine in China.

BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine


Second generation film overwrapper with leading output in the market. An Éliter Solution with a stable and efficient function. The machine is designed with economic concern regarding film consumption and the cost of format changing. BT-2000L can be adapted and connected as well to miscellaneous machines to form a turnkey packaging line with no conflict or restriction put to the packaging line as a whole due to its higher output. The main advantages of BT-2000L are as follow:

  • Unparalleled output (compared with old-design overwrappers in the Chinese market)reaching up to 100 wraps/minute while rendering a perfect wrapping performance
  • Advanced film infeed system that enhances film infeed stability when working at high speed
  • Incorporated with our patented technique Tri.Driver®
  • Adjustable structure that enables quick format change to cover various product sizes.
  • Turret wrapping process and up-to-date turret design that calls foronly 1/3 of format components cost in contrast with older-design overwrappers in the market
BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine – Tri.Driver®

Technical Data

Model: BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine
Output: 70-100 PPM
Format Covered:  (70-200)x(40-160)x(20-80)mm
Power Supply: 220V/380V 50-60Hz, customizable
Dimension: 2400x950x1700mm
Weight: 900KG


The purpose of overwrapping a product is not only just for aesthetics but as well for the conservation of product, water and air-proof, dust-proof, etc. The application of BT-2000L is never limited or restricted to any specific product, let it be cosmetics, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, electronic devices, and miscellaneous items that call for a film overwrapping may count on this equipment.

After-sales service

ÉLITER keeps your product purchased and its perfomance followed. A team of experienced engineers is always at your disposal for any question you may have from installation, configuration, operation to maintenance and any problems about the machine. We believe that it is how we care all the equipments provided through its life cycle and customer care in long-term that keeps our business sustainable.

  • All the machines sold are promised with a warranty for 1 year
  • All machines are dispatched with a Guideline / Manual / Maintenance Guidelines
  • Technical service and consult around the clock to have your demand cover all the 24 hours.
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