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End-of-Line BFS Machine and Cartoner

End-of-Line BFS and Cartoning

End-of-Line BFS Machine and Cartoner

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery works tightly with Gaobo – the manufacturer of the current hot sale GGS series BFS machines – to deliver end-of-line solutions for plastic ampoules and dip & Squeeze packages. The cartoning machine is configured to synchronize with Gaobo BFS machines including GGS-118, GGS-240, and so forth to get plastic ampoules or dip & Squeeze packages packed into cartons.

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery does not manufacture GGS BFS Machines but gets entitled by the customer to source them and get them synchronized with our own cartoning machine. For more information about Gaobo´s GGS BFS Machines, visit please: Wenzhou Gaobo Mechanical – BFS Machines

Technical Data

Model: GGS-118 of GGS-240 BFS Machine and DZH-120CA Cartoner
Speed: up to 25 cuts per minute and 120 CPM
Format: according to your requirements
Voltage: 220V 380V, 50-60Hz
Dimension: 5200*1050*1800 + 3700*1500*1800mm
Weight: 2000Kg and 1300Kg


SUS 316L construction for GGS BFS machine and SUS 304 for the cartoner of ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, available for materials such as PET/PE, PVC/PE, PVE/EVOH for plastic ampoules or Dip & Squeeze plastic pack (ketchup, butter, sauce, etc.), and in compliance with GMP Standards.


  • Robust SUS construction
  • Synchronization with GGS BFS Machines
  • ...
End-of-Line BFS Machine and Cartoner


Complementary cartoning automation by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery to synchronize with the GGS Series blow fill and seal machine.

Conditions and Terms

Designs and Function:

ELITER Pakaging Machinery guarantees that all ELITER Machines are designed and delivered on a project-by-project basis, and specifically manufacturered for the purpose discussed during the order and per customer's instruction.


ELITER Packaging Machinery guarantees the manufactured machine is in perfect working condition, and the materials are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the delivery of the machine, or failing those 2,000 working hours, except manmade defects or mis-operation led faults.The warranty will come into effect when the equipment has been properly installed in accordance with ÉLITER PACKAGING MACHINERY 's installation recommendations and as long as it is intended for the use for which it has been designed.

User Manual:

ELITER Packaging Machinery should provide instruction manual with 30 days after the shippment of the machine.

Intellectual Property:

All schematics, specifications, photographs (including video files) and any type of photographic support, electronic data and operating instructions used in the construction of the machine, are the property of ÉLITER PACKAGING MACHINERY.


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