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Horizontal End-Load Cartoner with Glue Melter

Installed with FOCKE MELER B4 Glue Melter, t…

Horizontal End-Load Cartoner with Glue Melter

Installed with FOCKE MELER B4 Glue Melter, the adhesive application cartoning machine is capable of the automatic carton packaging for seal-end cartons, cereal and muesli cartons, etc…

The sealing of glue flap is realized by a pair of SMC or Air-Tac Pneumatic Cylinders coordinated with a series of signals and signs through photo-eyes and PLC.

Some of the components:

  • Siemens Smart Line PLC
  • Focke Meler Glue Melter B4
  • SMC / Air-Tac Pneumatic Cylinders
  • SICK or OMRON sensors


The adhesive application cartoner machine can be used for both occasions of packaging line connecting with upstream and downstream machinery or individually by manual loading. The cartoner is featured by its ease-of-use and intelligible HMI operation panel.

Horizontal End-Load Cartoner with Glue Melter

Technical Data

Model: DZH-120CA Adhesive Application Cartoner
Output: 50-120 CPM
Format Covered: 70*30*15 - 220*130*60
Voltage: 220V or 380V 50-60Hz
Dimension: 3600*1200*1750mm
Weight: 1200Kg


The adhesive application cartoner machine is caple of sealing the glue-flap working with the MELER B4 Glue melter. The carton can be a combination of glue-end and tuck-in top or both sides of glue-end. The machine has been used for previous project such as soap cartoning, muesli cartoning, biscuit cartoning, etc., References: Automatic Soap Horizontal Cartoner for Skintopia

After-sales service

ÉLITER keeps your product purchased and its perfomance followed. A team of experienced engineers is always at your disposal for any question you may have from installation, configuration, operation to maintenance and any problems about the machine. We believe that it is how we care all the equipments provided through its life cycle and customer care in long-term that keeps our business sustainable.

  • All the machines sold are promised with a warranty for 1 year
  • All machines are dispatched with a Guideline / Manual / Maintenance Guidelines
  • Technical service and consult around the clock to have your demand cover all the 24 hours.
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