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DZH-120P Blister Cartoner

Servo Driven Blister Feeding and Cartoning Solution

DZH-120P Blister Cartoner

Incorporated with a servo-driven feeding system, the DZH-120P Blister Cartoner is capable of counting and introducing the corresponding numbers of blisters to be inserted into each carton with a stable and intelligent manner. The PLC steered operation and the photoelectronic sensors installed help to monitor each infeed and ensure all of the outputs are delivered correctly with leaflet and accurate numbers of blisters inserted.


DZH-120P Blister Cartoner is an intelligent and cost-effective pharma packaging automation solution with a satisfying manner of performance. Installed with a servo motor driven feeding system and constructed on the basis of an adjustable structure, DZH-120P would be an ideal set of equipment to boost the production and packaging automation in a pharma packaging line.

  • Servo-Driven Blister Feeding System
  • PLC Steered Operation
  • Photoelectronic Sensors
  • Intermittent Motion
  • Leaflet Folding
  • Adjustable structure to cover various formats
DZH-120P Blister Cartoner

Technical Data

Model: DZH-120P Blister Cartoner
Capacity/Output: 50-120 CPM
Formats Covered: (70x30x20mm) - (200x80x60mm)
Voltage: 220V 380V 50-60Hz (Customizable)
Air Consumption: 120-160L/min, ≥0.6Mpa
Motor Power: 1.50Kw
Size: 3700x1200x1800mm
Weight: 1200 Kg


Equipped with a servo-motor-driven feeding system, DZH-120P Blister Cartoner accelerates the automatic cartoning of the blister with a satisfying performance of up to 120 CPM as maximum. In compliance with ÉLITER's notion of providing customers with affordable and efficient cartoning solutions, DZH-120P is an ideal packaging automation equipment for the pharmaceutical industry in a cost-effective manner.

After-sales service

ÉLITER keeps your product purchased and its perfomance followed. A team of experienced engineers is always at your disposal for any question you may have from installation, configuration, operation to maintenance and any problems about the machine. We believe that it is how we care all the equipments provided through its life cycle and customer care in long-term that keeps our business sustainable.

  • All the machines sold are promised with a warranty for 1 year
  • All machines are dispatched with a Guideline / Manual / Maintenance Guidelines
  • Technical service and consult around the clock to have your demand cover all the 24 hours.
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