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Pharma Solution with Maximum Accuracy and Efficiency

ÉLITER offers a variety of pharma packaging solutions from simple cartooning of blisters, vails or ampoules, to the Blow-Fill-Seal Solution for Single-Dose Units in plastic ampoule. Pharma packaging often calls for errorless, hygiene and extremely efficient solutions which are totally within our capability to solve. All of our Pharma Solutions are in compliance with GMP standard.
  • Ampoules
  • Blisters
  • Vaccine
  • Single-Dose Units


Cartoning Solution for Vitamin Supplement

ÉLITER works with ADYA - a Romanian pharmaceutical company - to provide a cartoning automation system with a specially designed infeeding system for their Vitamin Supplement Tablet Blister.

The blisters are introduced to the cartoner through firstly the blister infeeding system controlled by pneumatic cylinders and steered by PLC and then are led to the infeeding conveyor by a second blister infeeding system with counting function so that the correct number of blisters are loaded in the cartoning machine to be inserted to the carton.

The project is delivered on basis of our DZH-120D cartoning machine. With the specific request ADYA, from the HMI Panel they can configure the numbers of blisters to be inserted into each carton. The infeeding system will work correspondingly with the configuration with the control of PLC.

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