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Perfumery and Cosmetics Packaging Machines

Tube gel skincareFrom bottles to tubes, and from perfumes to personal care products, companies in the sector and field of perfumery, cosmetics, and personal care always tend to attach great importance to their product’s packaging – they must be bright, catchy, luxury, appealing and neat, to convey quirkiness, trendiness and other valued qualities, and sometimes they would even design unique packaging styles  – tuck and tongue cartons, neck-through box packing, inner securing tab…

As Davood Jafari and Nima Asadian, researchers at the Islamic Azad University suggested, packaging is one of the most critical factors in an increasingly competitive market to influence consumer’s decisions of purchase. This will also contribute to the value of a brand and leave recognition among potential buyers. [1]

In this article, we talk about packaging in the cosmetics and personal care industry, to see how packaging affects consumers’ purchase decisions and how ÉLITER Packaging Machinery´s packaging solutions can get them covered and solved.

Special Carton and Box Design

de xandra perfume cartoning machine

Beauty is the phenomenon of the experience of pleasure, through the perception of balance and proportion of stimulus [2], so as to how packaging design affects consumers’ decision to purchase.

While some may argue that the first view a consumer looks for when choosing cosmetics and personal care products on the shelf is the color, the foundational factor also to pay attention to is the carton design, on the basis of which images, information, blocks and lines, logos of the brand are displayed.

Some companies would apply an open window, cover by clear plastic to offer a view of the product inside. This is an ideal choice for displaying cosmetics products. While in some other cases, marketing will design a conspicuous, distinct, and unique carton box design.

De Xandra, the Malaysian cosmetics brand of perfume products, designed the carton for their perfume packaging of typical shape and style. Such packaging makes it the most special one on the market. See how our cartoning machine packs perfume bottles by De’Xandra.


Extra Protection for Superiority

In 2018, IPSOS, the global leader in market research, revealed information on a nationwide investigation on how packaging affects purchasing decisions. The results show that almost 70% of the consumers confirm that the superiority and luxury of the packaging is the factor that persuaded them to buy a product.

To preserve quality, and appearance, and offer durability, the packaging that companies in the beauty products sector choose is often the overwrapping.


Overwrapping is a packaging process that applies a slice of plastic film over the carton box to be packed, the trailing edge is first sealed and shrunk by heat and then the two open ends are processed by tucking and folding to form a diamond shape packaging style.

Overwrapping Machine in Mongolia

Overwrap packaging is excellent in airtightness as well as attractiveness for beauty products, it helps as well to keep out containment such as dust, mold, and bacteria during storage and display.

Importance of Packaging for Cosmetics and Perfumery

Angio pharmaLet be the primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging, by the nature of the cosmetics and personal care industry packaging is an essential factor to have products as eye-catching and attractive as possible. We hereby list the importance of distinct packaging for this sector:

Charming packaging can improve sales of cosmetics and personal care products

Consumers tend to interact with the packaging which is the very fist point of contact with the products, which enacts the most important role to lead to a decision of purchasing. Developing packaging of luxury and superiority, as well as concerns around trendiness, is the start of sales and marketing strategy for a brand to reach success.

Unique packaging can reinforce brand recognition

Just like those consumers looking for self-actualization, the highest level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the packaging of beauty products can contribute to brand recognition to outstrip competitors and acquire an edge over them.



Cartoning Machine for the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery has proven experience handling with those special packaging designs in the cosmetics and personal care industry, from the precise handling of tubs into tongue-and-tuck cartons, to perfume bottles into a special carton box with securing tabs and inner trays, we are able to provide automated packaging solutions for those most nonstandard packaging.

In terms of packaging machines, we offer both entry-level horizontal end-load cartoning machine of intermittent motion as well as compact high-speed continuou motion cartoner.

Crescendo high speed compact cartoning machine

Crescendo Cartoner with DUET 200 system

cartoning machine for bottles

DZH-120CA Horizontal End Load Cartoner


Overwrapping Packaging in the Cosmetics Industry

“ELITER Packaging Machinery offers efficient, flexible and quality-focused overwrapping solutions for cosmetics industry”

A majority of cosmetics products, perfumes, for example, are overwrapped in plastic film in a tight and precise manner. Film overwrapping packaging in the cosmetics industry is of significant importance and higher requirements are to be attached.

Overwrapping on cosmetics products should both enhance the visual appeal & sense of luxury and protect the containment from exterior contamination. A perfect film overwrapping packaging for cosmetics must be free from wrinkle or scuff and in a bright, tight and precise manner.

L'or d'Orient

nail oil overwrapping packaging

Excellent Overwrapping Machines for Cosmetics

Attention-catching, bright and unwrinkled overwrapping packaging is a “must” for cosmetics products to stand out from the shelves so as to shine for customers. With this factor bore in mind, ELITER Packaging Machinery aims to offer customers from the cosmetics industry high-end overwrapping machines to add value to their products.

Manufactured with Care & Flexible Sealing Method

Overwrapping machines by ELITER are handled with extra care. All surfaces that have contact with the product are to be processed and polished so as not to scratch the product. The shrinking station is available for either full-seal, strip-seal, or spot-seal. With the latter, a tiny heat-shrink dot is left on the tuck-and-fold end, so as to keep wrinkles at the minimum level.

Excellent and Market-Leading Performance

ELITER machines outstrip the old-designed and fair-average turret overwrapping machines in the market by other Chinese manufacturers. The patented technology is installed within the machine which improves the stability and reliability when working at higher speed up to 100 PPM.

Quick Changeover

The updated turret design has minimized the change parts during format changeover. The adjustable and cantilevered structure also enables fast format configuration by just rotating the handles within the machine so as to fit a new carton size.

Wrapping and Packaging Machinery for Cosmetics Overwrapping

ELITER Packaging Machinery takes it noted the value bore within cosmetics products and it is essential the high-end and precise overwrapping packaging to improve visual appeal and luxury presentation. Automatic overwrapping machines by ELITER Packaging Machinery are capable of enhancing packaging automation for the full process of tuck-and-fold wrapping and thus the products are wrapped by the film with perfect appearance without defects.

Automatic overwrapping machine


ÉLITER Packaging Machinery´s Solutions for Beauty Industry

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery has a full range of secondary packaging solutions to enhance packaging automation with your cosmetics, personal care and beauty products. From overwrapping machine for cosmetics, to customized cartoning machine for special carton styles, we are capable of offering a one-stop solution to get your packaging automated to success with complete end-of-line solutions.



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