Packaging Line and Non-Standard Automation

Customize my own integrated packaging line with automation solutions included further than cartoning, overwrapping or anything else.

Packaging Line Solutions

Bespoke Packaging Line beyond the secondary packaging automation

As a manufacturer of limited cartegory and our packaging automation solutions covering cartoning, overwrapping and carton sleeving only though, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is at our customer´s disposal in case that they are looking for integrated packaging line solutions with packaging automation further than above-mentioned ones involved.

Our team will be at your service to value your requirements, cast light on your situation, and present a corresponding proposal.

What are included in our packaging line solutions and nonstandard customization service:

  • Design of the Line and Proposal
  • Site Planification
  • Sourcing machines that we don´t manufacture
  • Customization of non-standard automation sections and machines
  • Line set-up and commissioning
Further than what we offer

Non-Standard Cutomization and Integrated Packaging Line

transparency packaging line
Ethics and Transparency
Packaging Line Customization by ELITER Packaging Machinery
Customization according to your Request
Packaging Line Customization by ELITER Packaging Machinery
Commissioning before and after Delivery


Packaging Line for Medical Face Masks
blue lines
Grouping, Stacking, Cartoning and Case Packing
Grouping Unit
Face Maks Packaging Line
A grouping and infeed unit that counts the medical masks coming from upstream machinery and stack them into groups of correct numbers.
cartoing machine for medical face masks

Insert the grouped stack of face masks into the erected caton blanks and discharge them for further packaging process afterwards.

Case Packing
case packing for medical face masks

Tertiary packaging automation of case erecting for loading grouped and loaded cartons and tape sealng.

case packing for medical face masks

Grouping the loaded cartons discharged from the cartoner machine and load them into erected cardboard cases.

Roach Bait Packaging Line
blue lines
Filling, Capping and Sealing, Labeling, Flow-Wrapping, Cartoning and Overwrapping
Filling and Cap Placing
Filling of roach bait packaging line
Manual loading of caps and containers for bait filling and capping.
labeling of roach bait packaging line

Labling of filled and capped containers.

Flow Wrapping
flow-wrapping of roach bait packaging line

Labeled containers go though the HFFS and get organized by the infeed unit for Cartoner

cartoning of roach bait packaging line

Get the labeled and flow-wrapped roach baits loaded into cartons.