Premium Overwrapping Machines

Opt for quality but not for price

Finding an overwrapping machine is extremely easy with some simple searches on Google and Alibaba, but something frequently neglected is the quality.

Don't waste your money on cheap machines

Our past experience and cases with those customers who bought cheap overwrapping machines in China then asked us for refurbishment and upgrading have proven that people tend to bargain on price but soon have their lesson with cheaps machines which are merely piles of steel installed at their facilities that do not work and merely make noise.

If you are looking for a premium overwrapping machine and attach importance to user-experience in the long-run, our premium overwrapping machines are the options for you.

Our Portfolio of Overwrapping Machines

Buy overwrapping machines with premium quality

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery - a HUANENG Company, designs and manufacturers cartoning machines, overwrapping machines and wrap-around sleevers for a wide range of industries including food, dairy products, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and more.

Our machines are categorized into conventional models which are offered at competitive budget and then those next-generation models that provides premium quality to meet the customer expectation of high-end markets.

Our overwrapping machines are tailored with best-in-class quality and with a wide range of options for your choices to meet your budget and requirements.

Infeed Conveyor
Infeed conveyor of overwrapping machine
Infeed Unit
servo infeed unit of overwrapping machine
Infeed Unit
servo infeed unit of overwrapping machine
Film Feeder
film feeder
Turret of overwrapping machine
Loading Reel
film loading reel
additional shrinking unit
Light Stack
light stack
Emergency Button
emergency button
Independent Enclosure

BT-2000L Premium Overwrapping Machine

Overwrapping machine

Premium Quality

Second generation film overwrapper with leading output in the market. An ÉLITER Solution with a stable and efficient function. Apart from the speed, the machine is designed with economic concern regarding film consumption and the cost of format changing. BT-2000L can be adapted and connected as well to miscellaneous machines to form a turnkey packaging line without any conflict or restriction put to the packaging line as a whole due to its higher output.

Features of BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine

  • 1m infeed conveyor
  • Servo-driven infeed unit
  • Loading reels for tear-strip
  • Full safety guard with safety switches
  • Emergency buttons available at all corners
  • Light stacks
  • Indepenent enclosures
  • Additional shrinking unit

BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine

BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine