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Updating Used Packaging Equipment Offers Better Flexibility and Sustainability

Remanufacturing of used packaging equipmentUpdating used or old packaging equipment is a process where the machine is sent back to the original equipment manufacturer or another packaging machine manufacturer asking for refurbishment and remanufacturing.

Updating used packaging equipment presents a chance for the final user to enjoy recent technologies with a budget less than purchasing a new machine as well as faster lead time, while for the packaging machine manufacturer, it offers an opportunity to customize equipment, generates new lead with less material invested, and contributes to reducing material waste and emission.


In this article, we discuss:

  • Why refurbishing used packaging equipment is sustainable?
  • How can ELITER help you with updating your used packaging equipment?

Challenges of Uncertainty

During the stage of COVID-19 between 2019 and 202, companies including brand manufacturers in the food and beverage industry and well as contract packaging companies have been conscious of the challenges of uncertainty to their production, these factors include supply chain delays, shortage of labor, and thus all the process dragged from the purchasing of packaging equipment to the production and the launch of new products.

Soon as they bumped into these obstacles they noticed the following problems:

  • Ordering for new machines is of relatively long lead time
  • Constantly ordering new packaging equipment is a burden for the company’s cash flow
  • Ordering new machines means outdating the old ones
  • Training should be organized for the new machine ordered
  • Uncertainty can cause the delayed arrival of new machines

We are going to extend the discussion regarding the above challenges and then talk about the reasons and benefits why remanufacturing used and old packaging equipment is better than purchasing a new one.


Why Remanufacture and Update Old Packaging Equipment?

Associated with remanufacturing and updating old and used packaging equipment are a lot of benefits including cost savings, environmental benefits, minimizing production downtime, quality assurance, and customization.

The end user will also enjoy the flexibility offered by this approach including avoiding new training of personnel and facilitating reconfiguration and settings with existing packaging equipment along the production line.

As suggested by R.A. Jones, “refurbishing a used machine revitalizes the equipment and extends its usage for years, ultimately reducing the amount of material waste being discarded in a landfill.”

In the following, we will discuss these benefits in detail and provide examples from companies that have successfully implemented this strategy.


Refurbishing old and used packaging equipment offers flexibility

When a company purchases packaging equipment, it is usually done with the expectation of integrating it into an existing packaging line or production process. All equipment on the line, including the packaging machines, would have been synchronized to work together at optimal efficiency. This includes mechanical synchronization, workflow synchronization, and process synchronization.

While purchasing new equipment to replace the existing one, refurbishing and remanufacturing the old packaging machine can streamline the work of synchronization now that along the packaging line, the machines have all been configured to work with the old one.

When a new packaging machine is introduced, it can disrupt the packaging line synchronization. The new machine may have different dimensions, materials, and controls, leading to incompatibility with the existing machines on the line. The synchronization of the packaging line can be interrupted, leading to production inefficiencies and decreased productivity.

When a company chooses to refurbish old packaging equipment, they are keeping the existing machines, which are already synchronized and working together efficiently. Refurbishing, in this case, means that the machines are brought up to the latest standards and specifications, yet still with the previously intended purpose and thus eliminating any performance defects.


Remanufacturing can Minimize Production Downtime

Purchasing new packaging equipment can result in production downtime as companies wait for the new equipment to be delivered and installed.

On the contrary, remanufacturing and refurbishing old equipment can minimize this downtime, allowing companies to continue with production without interruption. The repair and upgrade of existing equipment can be completed quickly, so there is minimal impact on the production line.


Remanufacturing and updating old packaging equipment is more affordable than purchasing a new one

The cost of new equipment can be expensive and may require a significant capital investment. On the other hand, refurbishing and updating old equipment can reduce costs and be a vital strategy for companies looking to contain capital expenditure. According to the US Business and Industry Council, remanufacturing saves companies up to 85% of the cost of new equipment.


Environmental Benefits

Remanufacturing, refurbishing, and updating old and used packaging equipment can have significant environmental benefits. Equipment that would otherwise be sent to landfills can be refurbished and used again, reducing waste and conserving natural resources. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the amount of waste generated from manufacturing processes was over 7.6 billion tons in 2018, with packaging accounting for a significant portion of this waste. The EPA states that recycling programs that focus on reducing waste from packaging can have a significant impact in reducing the amount of waste generated by manufacturing companies.

In addition to reducing waste, refurbishing and updating old equipment can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the World Economic Forum, refurbishing and remanufacturing old equipment can reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing operations by up to 80%.

What are the benefits of remanufacturing old packaging equipment

How can ELITER help you with updating your used packaging equipment?

ELITER Packaging Machinery offers services for upgrading any of our past machines sold and installed. Apart from remanufacturing our own packaging machines, we are also at your disposal to check the packaging equipment you bought elsewhere and carry out a detailed audit, and revert to you with a plan of restoration.

Our remanufacturing services as available for the following situations:

  • Refurbishing and upgrading packaging machines that were originally manufactured by ELITER Packaging Machinery
  • Remanufacturing packaging equipment that you purchased elsewhere which are outdated or you are not satisfied with

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