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Tuck and Fold Wrapping: Intro. of Overwrapping Packaging

Advanced Introduction of Overwrapping Packaging and Overwrapping Machines

overwrapping packaging and overwrapping machine

In the previously published articles, we have given a basic guide about overwrapping packaging and overwrapping machines

(Check: Complete Handbook for Overwrapping Machine and Overwrapping and Shrink Wrapping)

In this blog, we’d talk further about the overwrapping packaging and overwrapping machine.



I. What is Overwrapping Packaging?

Overwrapping is also known as Tuck and Fold Wrapping or Cellophane Overwrapping: a style of film wrapping packaging and secondary packaging that is only applicable to containers, cartons, objects with flat sides, or to put it in other words, objects in cubic or cuboid shapes. The Tuck and Fold Wrapping is featured by its typical style of film folding on the end-side where the fringe of films are tucked and then folded to be sealed together thus forming a diamond-shaped appearance.

In fact, the packaging material of overwrapping is not only restricted to film, let it be BOPP, BOPLA, BOPET, etc…  such as the paper which we see on the gift wrapping is also available for overwrapping.

II. Application of Overwrapping

The purpose of adopting overwrapping packaging (over-wrap packaging) are principal as follows:

  • Enhance the appearance: Tuck and Fold Wrapping helps to enhance a sense of superiority and improve the visual appeal.
  • Conservation: the film overwrapping protects the product from containment and also proves that the product has been stored and arrived at the customer’s hand without being intact and has not been tampered with.
  • Energy Saving: when used for bundling and multipack packaging, overwrapping consumes less energy than shrink-wrapping does and thus calls for less cost.

For these features, overwrapping is welcomed and commonly applied for products such as:

  • Tobacco Products: Cigarette, Shisha, Hookah…… Collating Overwrap has been adopted to replace an outer carton
  • Pharmaceuticals: Pharmas sometimes turn out to be temperature-sensitive. The overwrapping produces less heat than shrink wrapping does
  • Luxury Products: Perfume, cosmetics… which need prestigious visual appeal
  • Drinks: Coffee and High Tea… the same reason for fine visual appearance
  • Digital Products: CDs, DVDs…

III. Diversity of Overwrapping Machines

Overwrapping Packaging requires specially designed packaging equipment to apply in the correct way. Overwrapping machines are also called carton wrapping machines and in other cases overwrapper, film wrapping machines, etc…

Automatic Overwrapping machines are basically defined into two types:

Turret Overwrapping Machines

Turret Overwrapping Machines (trailing-edge seal)

Turret Overwrapping Machines are featured by their rotary turret where some parts of the overwrapping processes are done including the side-sealing and tuck of film.

Turret Overwrapping Machines are also featured in their film infeed sections where hybrid pneumatic and mechanical force are applied to stretch and feed the film.



Base-Seal Overwrapping Machines

Base-Seal Overwrapping Machines are somehow different from turret-style ones. On a base-seal overwrapping machine, products are introduced to the machine in a collated way and then elevated to the following wrapping section. During when it is pushed up, the upper section catches the film, drags and stretches it and in the meanwhile when products are lifted it is wrapped by the film. The seal line is formed on the base.


IV. ÉLITER´s Turret Overwrapping Machines

Great aesthetics, excellent and reliable performance, easy operation… ÉLITER is committed to offering our clients best-of-class overwrapping packaging machinery.

With the endeavor of three generations of family business experience and cutting-edge technology and the dedication of a team of experienced engineers and technicians, ÉLITER is at your service to enhance overwrapping packaging automation in your production.

Our leading position in the market in terms of overwrapping packaging solutions is highlighted by BT-2000L Automatic Overwrapping Machine which is the top leading overwrapping equipment that demonstrates a higher level of performance thanks to the improved film feeding function with ÉLITER´s patented technology Tri.Driver® installed. As a result, BT-2000L makes a tight and beautiful finished wrap on every item with an output of up to 100 overwraps per minute.

  • Unparalleled output (compared with old-design overwrappers in the Chinese market)reaching up to 100 wraps/minute while rendering a perfect wrapping performance
  • Advanced film infeed system that enhances film infeed stability when working at high speed
  • Incorporated with our patented technique Tri.Driver®
  • Adjustable structure that enables quick format changeover to cover various product sizes.
  • Turret wrapping process and up-to-date turret design that calls for only 1/3 of format components cost in contrast with older-design overwrappers in the market

Overwrapping Packaging

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