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Automatic Overwrapping Machines BT-2000L with Tri.Driver®

High-Performance Overwrapper Powered by Tri.Driver®

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery launched a cycle test at 100 PPM on its latest constructed BT-2000L Automatic Overwrapping Machine ordered by one of our clients.
This module is an innovative product and a second-generation overwrapping machine that surpasses the former model in terms of stability and performance now that it is incorporated with our latest patent called Tri.Driver® which solved the problem that overwrapper runs unstably with frequent error in film shaping and overwrapping when configured at higher output.


As a new technique, Tri.Driver® helps to raise our overwrapper to a higher stage and product level in the market with maximum output up to 100 PPM in a manner free from error and fully stable.



What is an Overwrapping Machine?

An overwrapping machine, also known as overwrapping, is specific equipment that wraps a product, generally cubical and cuboid-shaped products with BOPP, PVC, or other kinds of film. An automatic overwrapping machine is steered by PLC control system and configured through HMI (Human-Machine Interaction) Panel to render efficient production.

The PLC control system completes all procedures including

    • Film infeeding and splicing
  • Product infeeding
  • Film Folding and Heat Shaping
BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine at our ÉLITER´s Site¨ class=

Advantages of Overwrapping Machine

I. Protection

A duly folded film covers that product to ensure its status of water-proof, and air-proof, and prevent the product from affections and containment of outer environment. This is specially used for food, cosmetics, and tobacco products. The film keeps the product free from dust, moisture, and unnecessary damage.

example of overwrapping

II. Appearance

In difference with heat shrink film wrapping, the overwrapping machine delivers overwraps with a better and more satisfying appearance in terms of film folding. A diamond-shaped fold is made on the end side. Rather than heat shrink that strips the film and leaves a weak line on the side, the way overwrapping machine folds the film is more stable and better in terms of aesthetics.

example of overwrapping products

III. Advanced Output and Efficacy

Automatic overwrapping machine outstrips manual, semi-auto, and heat shrink wrapping machines when it comes to speed and output. In the context of massive production, the saving of labor cost and improvement of efficiency is extremely important to boost production and launch the product into the market as soon as possible.

Factors to Choose a Qualified Overwrapping Machine

I. Cover of Size and Format Changing

In case the manufacturer has to produce products with different dimensions, it would be of many costs, for each dimension, to purchase a specific set of overwrappers. A fine overwrapping machine should be able to cover a specific range of dimensions and in the meanwhile easy and fast in terms of format changing. The mold cost should as well be economic.

II. Size

Space is critical in a factory. A compact design machine should be considered with preference.

III. Output

The efficiency of a machine determines how many products are rendered daily. A project should be specifically reviewed by the machine manufacturer to check how much output the machine can reach regarding the size of the product to be packed.

IV. Durability and Quality

Nobody would like to replace a set of machines frequently, or shortly gives it up and turns to purchase a better one. In this sense, it is critical to check with the manufacturer prudently and especially the components used, their handcraft, and precision in production, and if possible, ask for a cycle test to check virtually the machine´s quality

BT-2000L Overwrapper
Excellence Overwrapping Solution by ÉLITER

BT-2000L as a leading product demonstrates a higher level of performance thanks to the improved film infeeding function with ÉLITER´s patented technique Tri.Driver® installed. As a result, BT-2000L makes a tight and beautiful finished wrap on every item with an output up to 100 overwraps per minute.

  • Easy Operation: SIEMENS HMI Panel with a simple-to-use system that ensures quick and easy configuration and avoids operator error.
  • Advanced Film Infeeding: Improved film infeeding mechanic that ensures stable film splicing and introduction running at higher speed.
  • Low Cost and Fast Format Changing: New design of turret mold with low cost of change as well as easy replacement manipulation.
  • Adjustable Structure to Cover Numerous Sizes: Format changing by only rotating a screw, together with the turret replaced the machine can be adapted to any dimension within the range of cover



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