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Tuck and Tongue Boxes: Cartoning Machine for All Shape and Styles

A Solid End-Load Box Style for Delicate Products

Tongue Box Cartoning Machine

Tuck and tongue boxes are an alternative to the mailer box, the latter which is typical for the top-loading pattern while the former is convenient for the end-load pattern.

In contrast to a commonly found tuck-in box, the tongue-and-tuck one is capable of protecting the containment from abusive handling while keeping its shape and structure. The mentioned features make the tuck and tongue boxes the ideal choice for delicate products’ secondary packaging: perfume, eyedrops, and ampoules…

How is the tongue closure done on cartoning machine?

The closure panels with closure tab on the two ends are tucked-in after that the dust flaps have been folded. On the opposite end of the closure panel to another end where the tab locates, an opening is left for the tongue to be inserted.

The closure panels with tongue reaching from the opposite front (or rear) panel are folded and then with the tongues inserted.

A solid structure is then formed to support the whole carton box with panels on the two ends supporting each other.


Versatile Cartoners that Work for all Carton Styles

Tuck and Tongue Boxes

While most of the suppliers out there have their cartoning machines adapted to those most basic carton box styles: tuck-in cartons or adhesive closure. The approach of ELITER Packaging Machinery sets us different from all of them.

Our intermittent cartoning machines offer the option of customization to load various carton styles for products from all industries: pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cosmetics, nutraceutical, and so forth. The cartoning machines offer as well options for pre-folded leaflet dispensers, or leaflet folding unit, and provides printing options of emboss, inkjet, or laser coding.


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