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Tight Sleeve Packaging that Dispenses with Shrink Wrapping

Secure Sleeve Packaging Avoids Shrink Wrapping

Tray of Ready Meal Wrapped by Carton Sleeve
A typical Ready Meal in Sleeve and Shrink Wrapped

A typical packaging nowadays in the market of prepared and ready-to-eat meals, in China above all, is that trays are firstly wrapped by a piece of the pre-glued sleeve, around which the total package is then shrink-wrapped by the film.

Shedding a light on such packaging we can see that:

For the convenience of insertion, the pre-glued sleeve is usually made slightly larger than the size with which the package can be wrapped tightly, this is the major downside cartoning machine packing trays with carton sleeves.

  • the extra shrink wrapping is to secure that package now that the pre-glued sleeve is often loose

That is to say, apart from the redundant and extra shrink film wrapping, the food facility has to install a shrink wrapper – more cost of packaging automation.

In a word, the impact brought is the redundant packaging and the extra waste of plastic that hinders recyclability and sustainability. In that sense and giving it a slight ponderation, we can soon get a hint that making the sleeve packaging as tight as possible can avoid the extra shrink wrapping so as to avoid plastic waste.

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Our Solution to Tighten your Sleeve Packaging

Comparing Pre-glued sleeve and wrap-around sleeve

Either for sustainability or just for your sake of saving redundant plastic packaging and avoiding an extra shrink wrapper, ELITER Packaging Machinery would like to recommend our wrap-around sleever to tighten your sleeve packaging rather than installing a cartoning machine for re-glued sleeves.

sleeve packaging tightness

Rather than the pre-glued sleeves which are usually slightly larger in size for the smoothness of insertion from the open end, the wrap-around sleever adopts unglued flat sleeve blanks to wrap and slide the package and then completes closure in the inferior part with hot-melt glue. The package formed is tight and secure, directly available for display on shelves, with no shrink wrapping needed. 


Our Sleeving Automation for Prepared Meals

We strive to provide our customers with responsive, compliant and market-leading carton sleeving machines for their prepared and ready-to-eat meals. Apart from the advantages in terms of the tightness of packing formed, our sleevers are specifically designed for the food industry so as to outstrip cartoning machines regarding the accessibility for maintenance and cleaning, speed, efficiency and flexibility, as well as the protection level.


Sustainability and Flexibility: Our Concerns

wraparound sleeverFollowing the fact that wrap-around applications have been becoming prevailing in recent days, accompanied by the trend of replacing plastics with cardboard sleeve where food processing companies are updating their packaging to less plastic waste, simpler forms of packaging, and materials with less environmental impact, we introduce to the market our wrap-around sleever to give a boost to your effort in saving the environment and making for packaging more sustainable. For more information about our solutions, please get in contact with our representatives.


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