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Tax on Plastics Accentuates more Eco-Friendly Packaging

Tax on Non-Reusable Plastic Packaging

non-reusable Shrink Wrap Packaging
Typical Plastic Packaging on Bevarage
Cited from Tsingtao

Following the steps of countries in the world like UK and Italy, Spain is going to impose tax on non-reusable plastic packaging as of January 1st, 2023. The mentioned tax is supposed to have a notable impact on a majority of industrial and consumer products, given the fact that the following categories will fall under the load of the tax:

  • Manufacturing, import and inter-community (within the EU) purchase of non-reusable plastic packaging and the final place of sale or use in Spain
  • All transactions where plastic packaging, its materials, and even products with such packaging are involved
  • The tax is valid on all procedures of packaging: primary, secondary and tertiary

This event stands for a predictable future where the use of plastic packaging should be under control and a pervading trend in the world of reusable, eco-and-environmental-friendly packaging.


Long-Lasting Environmental Impact of Plastic Packaging

The impact brought by plastic packaging usually results in an environmental problem that may persist for centuries, after having served the intended purpose and been used in large amounts. While the growing consumer and industrial market during these decades has driven the upsurging use of synthetic plastics made from fossil fuels, the plastic wastes that come from these sectors in bulk have been polluting the environment considerably.

Studies have revealed that the most consumption of plastics is in the food packaging industries for the reason of their affordability, tensile properties, as well as enacting protective packaging against exterior contaminations. The good news is that, while plastics in the food packaging industry are basically used in two forms: flexible and rigid, most comes in the latter form. Thermoplastics are those plastic packaging moulded by heat into different shapes, such as the plastic trays used for loading ready meals and microwavable foods we see daily. However, thermosets are on the total contrary and they are unable to be recycled.

Plastic Packaging on Ready Meals
Plastic Packaging on Ready-to-Eat Meals
Cited from Zhihu

In “Biobased Polymer Composite from Poly (Lactic Acid): Processing, Fabrication, and Characterization for Food Packaging”, researchers addressed that approximately 50% of packaging in the food industry is plastics derived from fossil fuels, which are thrown to affect the environment as soon as the products are consumed. The microplastics produced during their long-lasting degradation lead to biological accumulation in the ecology which turns to be osmosis during the long turn on the one hand, and on the other hand, the visible “white pollution”.


Sustainable and Bio-Degradable Packaging

A consensus that companies have regarding plastic replacement is the use of renewable materials, either recyclable or compostable. Moreover from the consumer side, an investigation by Westrock has shown that 68% of consumers say packaging designed to be environmentally friendly impacts brand trust, and those with easily recycled and composted packaging are with better product satisfaction.

A current approach in the world to plastic replacement is the application of cardboard sleeves made from recyclable, compostable, and reusable materials.


Our Effort to Boost your Sustainable Packaging


Advancing packaging automation for sustainable packaging is the prevailing mindset of our “Next-Generation” transformation. We feel glad to work with our customers to offer automation solutions adapted to their packaging and products with advanced design and bespoke packaging machinery built according to their demands.


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