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Tong Garden: DZH-120CA Cartoner for Pocky | ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

DZH-120CA Adhesive Application End-Load Cartoner  for Tong Garden

We feel proud to announce the recent delivery to Tong Garden – a DZH-120CA Horizontal End-Load Cartoner – for their choco-stick with YOGI Brand.

DZH-120CA Cartoner Horizontal End-Load Cartoning Machine

The project is designed for automatic cartoning with a manual-loading form based on our CA model of DZH-120 Series Horizontal End-Load Cartoner. The DZH-120CA is installed with a double-head rotatory carton erector the improves the machine’s performance by speeding up the output.

The machine is finished at the end of December 2021 and is to be delivered to Tong Garden’s labeling food manufacturer in China, which marks another step and further professionalism in providing food packaging automation.



About Tong Garden

Choco Stick Cartoning Machine

Tong Garden is a company and family-owned business based in Singapore and founded by Ong Tong Guan who was a Chinese that lived in Fujian, China yet left for Singapore afterward. Tong Garden is a snack manufacturer with several self-owned brand including Tong Garden, NOI, Sungift, etc…

The History behind Chocolate-Coated Biscuit Sticks

Chocolate-Coated Biscuit Sticks are also called pocky due to their origin and the worldly well-known biscuit sticks brand also named POCKY.

In 1966, Yoshiaki Koma founded the company – Ezaki Glico Co. – in Japan and invented the pocky (Chocolate-Coated Biscuit Sticks). Pocky was then originally only flavored in chocolate but afterward diversified into various new flavors among which the almond pocky was put on sale in 1971 and then the strawberry-flavor one was introduced to the market in 1970. Within the very first several years since it was introduced to the market, pocky soon swept across the Southeast-Asian market.

Glico Choco Stick Pocky



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