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Soap Cartoning Machine and Soap Packaging Line

Horizontal End-Load Cartoning Machine for Soap

soap cartoning machineSoap in the personal care industry is among those most frequently applied products for which our cartoning machines are used. Our cartoners are capable of the carton packing of soap into specific styles of cartons and among other requirements put forward by the client. The soap cartoning machine works through the following processes to complete the carton packing:

  • Erect the carton blanks
  • Insert the soap into the erected carton
  • Fold the dust flap
  • Fold the closure panel
  • Fold the tuck-flap and insert it into the carton
  • And in the case of glue end carton, fire hot melt glue and fold the closure panel



The Production Line of Soap

Soaps for cartoningThe production of soap follows a series of complex procedures. Raw materials such vegetable oils and animal fats firstly are proceeded into soap noodles which are then to be transformed into formulated soap bars.

We are going to introduce, to a detailed level, how soaps gradually come into being during these complex industrial processes.




Raw Material Preparation

The preparation of raw material is the very first step of the soap production line. Materials such as animal fats and vegetable oils are processed through a series of chemical and physical procedures such as decoloration, bleaching, deodorization and the final blend of oils and fats, preparation of caustic
soda, fillers and additives.

Drying and Cooling

Soap noodlesAfter all of those mentioned processes, the raw materials are transformed into neat soap and soap noodles and discharged from a giant tank which is also called the reactor where saponification takes place. The processed materials are then transferred to the drying and cooling plants the prepare them for the subsequent procedures.

Soap noodles are, generally, the primary ingredient used for soap bar production and are chemical resultants from vegetable oil and animal fast after the procedure called saponification.


Soap Bar Production

Soap noodles discharged from the previous processes are then introduced into the soap finishing line where procedures as follow take place:

  • Amalgamation: soap noodles are fed into a mixer in order to transform them from separate small bulks into a semi-fluid integral as a whole
  • Refining: The soap goes through a rolling mill and is stretched to fine rolls
  • Extrusion: A extruder processes the soap from the rolling mill and transforms it into a long block.
  • Cutting and Embossing: Soap is then cut into separate bars and when printed with logos by an embossing roller

After all the above-mentioned production procedures, the soap bars are now ready to be passed to the packaging line.


Soap Packaging Line

The soap bars discharged by the production line are then passed for packaging. The packaging of soap may turn out to be in different forms including:

  • Paper Wrapping
  • Flow Wrapping
  • Cartoning

We would cover the cartoning here in this blog, but, whichever the packaging is, soap bars are firstly introduced to the packaging machine by an automatic feeder or an infeed system, for example,

The Soap bar turning system

Soap bar turning and feed systemSoap bars discharged from the previous processes may not come in a correct and suitable direction in order to be introduced into the packaging machines such as cartoner, flow wrapper, or overwrapper. And thus, an infeed and turning system is supped to be there to re-position and arrange the soap bars in the wanted and collated manner before being fed into the packaging machines.

A turning and infeed system may consist of a rotating plate on which there are several soap bar catchers that collect them from upstream and then rotate to discharge them properly into the following process.


The Cartoning of Soap Bars

soap cartoningSoap bars, once organized into collated manner coming from the right direction, are then passed to the cartoning machine for the carton packing. The cartoning machine erects the carton blanks, inserts the soap bars into the cartons, fold the dust flaps, closure panels, and completes the tuck-in or seals the carton with hot melt glue and thus finishing the cartoning.

If no further packaging is needed such as case packaging. The soap bars are now ready to be distributed to retailed to be sold to consumers.



Soap Cartoning Machine by ELITER Packaging Machinery

Our cartoning machines are modifiable and adjustable for a wide range of soap bar sizes and styles and among others, cartons of different styles from the most common ones such as tuck-in cartons and glue seal cartons, to the auto-bottom and snap-lock bottom cartons. Get in contact with us to find out our packaging automation solutions for your soap bar cartoning.

Soap cartoning machine

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