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Sleeving Machine for Trays of Ready-to-Eat Meals

A Secondary Packaging to Ready Meals in Trays

Focusing on consumer convenience, ready-to-eat meals have been going through the roof in terms of popularity. Things are ready in a while just with a microwave or even without it, and that meal is at immediate disposal for enjoyment, no matter if it is the break during office our or a long-distance trip on a mountain bike in the middle of a National Park or discovery down into a snow cave.

sealing and cardboard sleeve wrapping on ready mealReady-to-eat meals are usually carried by a plastic tray and then covered by plastic. A common method to add further space for printing is to wrap the tray further with a piece of cardboard sleeve, such as also to give protection as the secondary packaging to the package.

The ready meal packaging must address the issues regarding preventing meals contained from contamination as well as maintain the package in an easy-to-tear way yet still lend enough space for advertising. Meanwhile, the environmental impact is another concern to address that printing and paper materials used should be kept at a minimum level as well as to adopt reusable, recyclable, or compostable materials to ensure sustainability.


Sleeving Machine that Wraps Trays of Ready Meals with Cardboard Sleeve

ELITER Packaging Machinery manufactures the automatic sleeving machine aimed at the ready meals market.


The unprecedented wrap-around sleever we recently introduced to the market offers unique features and unmatched performance and reliability featured by easy maintenance, excellent accessibility, fast changeover and hygienic structure to provide our customers with the next-generation packaging machine to achieve better efficiency with the packaging automation of their ready meals.


Product Overview

The ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever is an all-servo-driven sleeving machine that runs trays of ready meals from small to large sizes and up to a speed of 120 sleeve wraps per minute.

The machine employs solid and robust stainless steel construction and is of excellent accessibility for maintenance and cleaning. The changeover time is done without tools within 10 minutes.


  • SIEMENS Control Platform
  • Powered sleeve hopper
  • 120 ppm, product dependent
  • Ergonomic and aesthetic safety guard
  • Runs unglued flat sleeve blanks
  • Simple maintenance
  • Meler B4 Glue System


  • Product-dependent infeed and grouping system
  • Synchronization to upstream machines (thermoformer, tray sealer, filling machine, etc)
  • Wash-down construction
  • Nordson Mesa or ProBlue glue system

Sleeve Packaging Machine for Trays of Ready Meals

With our joint effort with SIEMENS China, we present to our customers in the ready meals market a market-leading all-servo sleeving machine to wrap their trays of ready meals with cardboard sleeves.

The machine, joined by SINAMICS V90 Servo System, runs wrapping flat and unglued sleeves around ready meals not only in trays but as well in tubs and pots up to 120 packs per minute.

For more information, please get in contact with our team.



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