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Sleever: Packaging Machinery for Flat Sleeve Blanks

What is Sleeve Packaging?

Sleeve packaging is one of the secondary packaging that, compared with carton box packaging, has no ends that cover the containment (container).

Sleeve packaging refers to such packaging that a paperboard or cardboard sleeve or flat blank sleeve wraps around the container (bowls, trays, pots, tubs, cups, bottles, …) and makes it not necessary to load them into carton boxes.

What are the advantages of Sleeve Packaging?

Sleeve packaging, in contrast with the traditional carton box packaging, has some evident advantages to be mentioned.

The first of all is that sleeve packaging is simple in terms of appearance. Rather than a carton box that has six facets, sleeve is only a flat paperboard that slides around the container(s).

And when it comes to the packaging of multipack containers, the overall size of the multipack calls for a larger carton box that consumes more materials and the packaging may not be stable enough, while the sleeve needs less material and once it is slid around the containers the stability of packaging depends on the multipack itself, or say, the sleeve is more like a part of the whole thing rather than the packaging that support the containers. The sleeve sometimes has cutouts to hold the containment which attracts more attention on the shelf.

carton box and sleeve packaging
Sleeve vs Carton – Which One is Better?

Sleever: Packaging Machine for Flat Sleeve Packaging

Sleever generally refers to Wrap-Around Sleever, which is a secondary packaging machine for the sleeve wrap-around packaging automation.

Wrap-Around Sleever is able to

  • group multiple containers or just a single container such as tray or bowl,
  • place the flat blank sleeve on the container(s),
  • square, fold and slide sleeve around them
  • and seal the sleeve on the bottom
  • After the sleeve is wrapped and sealed around the contianer one discharge is complete
  • Outpus can be arranged to downstream machinery for case packing and so forth



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