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Pet Food Sleeve Packaging Machine

Packaging Machine for Pet Food in Trays and Wrapped by Carton Sleeve

The WAS-150 ESTRENA Sleever by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is the optimal packaging machine to offer clients from the pet food sector packaging automation solutions of carton sleeving for pet foods in trays (or pots, cans, and tubs).

Sleeve Packaging Machine for Single Serve-Entrees

The Sleever is designed to pack the pet food trays in carton sleeves. Trays of pet food are introduced to the sleever either from upstream machines on the assembly line or being manually fed, the sleever places carton sleeve on the tray, folds and slides the sleeve around the tray, and completes the closure with hot melt glue to form a robust sleeving packaging.

ESTREAN Sleever reaches a maximum output of up to 150 packages per minute which is an unparalleled performance you can ever find among the machinery on the market in China, not even to mention that ÉLITER is the only manufacturer of Wrap-Around Sleever in China.

Features of our Wrap-Around Sleever:

  • Multi-axis servo driven (SIMENS Sinamics V90 or Allen-Bradly Kinetix 6000)
  • Robust SUS 304 construction
  • Adjustable structure for simple format changeover
  • Ergonomically designed safety-guards
  • Precursor, unprecedented and unparalleled carton sleeving solution in China


What is Food Packaging Sleeve?

Packaging sleeves are printed flat paperboard sleeves that wrap and slide around containers that carry food inside.

Rather than simply printing on generic primary packaging containers on which space is limited, sleeves provide ideal and efficient brand recognization solutions to make the food packaging more attention-catching


Pet Food and Carton Sleeve Packaging

Benefits of Food Sleeve Packaging

Compared with traditional generic carton packaging, though both the sleeve and carton provide areas for high-quality printing to enhance the visual appeal and branding performance of the package, the sleeve is of less cost than the carton with has extra sides that consume more paper and printing materials.

A study by Maguire, Richard Kirk has also shown that sleeves provide almost or more or less the protection and compression resistance just as six-sided cartons, according to their thesis:

“The sleeve provided 91% of the compression resistance that the carton provided while in the shipping case”[1]


Combining Recyclable-Material Container with Carton Sleeve

While PET  (polyethylene terephthalate) is now becoming one of the most popular and important thermoplastics for food packaging due to its fine resistance to oil and fats, the remarkable features of being airtight and waterproof, ease to form[2]…  the removable carton sleeve can be an extra optional to provide an efficient branding solution to your sustainable food packaging while keeping the environmental friendliness at a balance between sustainability and paper & printing materials used.


Sleeve Packaging on Pet Food that Appeals to Pet Owners

Pet food in sleeve packagingPaperboard sleeve packaging outstrips the other forms of packaging when used on single-service containers such as trays, pots, tubs, etc.

For example, Nestlé introduced the Must Pet Food loaded in PET dishes and covered with plastic lids and then wrapped by paperboard sleeve with a window for viewing of products from view above.

The packaging also enables better performance of recognization from a side view when stacked on the shelf. [3]





Trust in ÉLITER’s Pet Food Packaging Machine

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is one of the very first manufacturers that designed, build and introduce the fully automatic wrap-around sleeve. Our WAS-150 is launched with market-positioning to be the counterpart of those Sleevers made by those well-known manufacturers in the U.S. or E.U.

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Zixin Yuan
Digital Marketing Coordinator

References and Bibliography

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