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Sleever: Carton Sleeve Wrap-Around Machinery

Wrap-Around Sleever: The Packaging Machinery for Cardboard Sleeve

ELITER Packaging Machinery – a Huaneng Company, has introduced to the market cutting-edge and innovative machinery for cardboard sleeve packaging automation: the Fully Automation Wrap-Around Sleever.

The Sleever is a secondary packaging machine designed for the sleeve carton wrap-around packaging. The sleever is able to:

  • Arrange the infeed in an organized and collated manner
  • Place sleeve on the container introduced to the machine
  • Fold and wrap the sleeve around the container
  • Seal the sleeve with hot melt glue on the bottom

Carton Sleeve Wrap Around Machine


Trailblazer of Cardboard Sleeving Machinery in China

The ready meal market in China has been going through the roof during the past several years and has witnessed its upsurge during 2021 due to the impact of Covid-19.

The awkward fact, against such a perspective growing market, is that in China there was no packaging machinery manufacturer that could build any specific packaging machines which were capable of the cardboard sleeve wrap-around packaging.

Having taken note of this opportunity and market niche, our professionals and engineering team soon took action with the R+D+I of a qualified Wrap-Around Sleever to meet the market’s need for cardboard sleeve packaging machinery.


WAS Wrap-Around Sleever: Our Answer


Sleever, or Wrap-Around Sleever, is packaging machinery designed for the carton sleeving of both single container or multipack. WAS Wrap-Around Sleever is a fully servo-driven secondary packaging machine and a perfect choice for both medium and higher-speed sleeving operation.

Our sleever covers a wide range of sleeve styles and sizes. The machine can be installed with an infeed system to arrange single trays or pots, or it can be settled with optional devices to infeed multipack products.





Package Style

  • Single container: trays, pots, tubs, etc
  • Multipack and Cluster

Sleeve Styles

  • Tablock sleeve
  • Glued sleeve



Ready Meals
ready meals Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging
Tuna Cans
Tuna Cans Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging
Yogurt multipack Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging
Dessert Pots
Dessert pots Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging
Microwave Meals
ready meals Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging


More information about our sleever

Our experienced engineering team and professionals are at your disposal to enhance packaging automation into your business to boost your efficiency.

Check the following blog posts to find more info about cardboard sleeving and our automatic carton sleeving machines

Or get in contact with our team directly to ask for your personalized solutions.

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