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Sleever and Cartoning Machine for Yogurt Cups in Carton Sleeve

Multipack Yogurt Cups and Carton Sleeve

yogurt cups in carton sleeveTaking a walk around the supermarket and especially paying attention to the objects on refrigerated shelves and specifically where yogurt and dessert cups are displayed you will soon find out that most of them come with carton sleeve packaging.

The yogurt cup multipack can be defined into various categories according to the number of layers, rows, and side-packs. In this blog, we explain to a detailed level the types of yogurt multipack sleeve packaging and their corresponding packaging machinery and automation solutions for carton sleeve.





The Different Types of Yogurt Cup Multipacks



Based on how many laters, rows and sidepacks are there within a yogurt cup multipack it can be defined into various types of multipacks. Usually and most cases, the following multipacks are common in the market.

Types of sleeve multipacks



What are the Packaging Machines Available for Yogurt Cups in Carton Sleeve?

Depending on the form of the sleeve the customer is going to use for the packaging,

a Wrap-Around Sleever

or Pre-Glued Sleever (Pre-Glued Sleeve Cartoner)

can either be the choice for carton sleeving. Just as the indicates, a Wrap-Around Sleever is for the packaging automation of flat blank sleeves,

while a Pre-Glued Sleever is just like a horizontal end-load cartoner that inserts the grouped multipack from the side end into the pre-glued sleeve.

In the following content, we’d explain how Wrap-Around Sleever or Pre-Glued Sleever are applied to the carton sleeve packaging of yogurt cup multipack.


Wrap-Around Sleever for Multipack of Yogurt Cups

When installed for the sleeve packaging of the multipack, the Wrap-Around Sleever is usually joined by an infeed system or grouping system to arrange the coming yogurt cups into the expected form of multipack, according to the number of layers, rows and side-packs wanted.

Infeed and Grouping of Yogurt Cups

Infeed and gourping of yogurt cupsIn the case of 1x3x2 multipack (single row, 3 side-packs, 2 layers), yogurt cups coming from upstream machinery will go through two infeed conveyors which are located at separate vertical levels and get collated when moving forward to get introduced into the Sleever




Placing Sleeve on the Grouped Multipack

The Sleever, upon the introduction of the grouped multipack of yogurt cups, will capture a sleeve blank from the carton hopper and place it on the multipack.

Wrap the Sleeve and Closure with Adhesive Hot Melt Glue

Through a series of steel guides, the blank sleeve is wrapped and slid around the multipack, and then sealed by hot-melt glue on the bottom.


Pre-Glued Sleever for Multipack of Yogurt Cups

A Pre-Glued Sleever is just like a cartoning machine that erects the carton blanks, however, in this case, it is a pre-glued sleeve rather than carton blanks. Pre-glued sleeve is erected, opned, and then secured on the lug chain of the Pre-Glued Sleever (Cartoner) after which the grouped yogurt cups are inserted into the sleeve.

pre-glued sleeve packaging


Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoning Machine: An extra option

Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoning MachineApart from the above-mentioned machinery, there is in fact a third option which is the Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoning Machine.

It is, in fact, a cartoner built for the packaging automation of flat blank sleeves just like the Wrap-Around Sleever, however, it is in essence a customized and bespoke cartoning machine rather than a sleever.





Looking for Packaging Machines for Yogurt Cups into Carton Sleeve?

No matter the one you are looking for is a Sleever, Pre-Glued Sleever, or a Sleeve Wrap Around Cartoning Machine, ELITER Packaging Machinery has all of them available in our category. Just get in contact by sending an email or fill out the contact form on our website, our professional will get in touch with you at the earliest disposal.



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