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Sachet cartoning machine for Packing Sachets in Box

Sachet Cartoning Machine Installed

In November of 2021 ELITER Packaging Machinery completed a project and installed a cartoning machine for packing coffee sachets into carton boxes of tuck-in top and snap-lock bottom and it was delivered to the client in Malaysia.

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How does a Cartoning Machine for Sachet Work?

A sachet cartoning machine is a carton packaging machine joined by a sachet infeed system and is designed for:

  • Automatically count and feed sachet onto the cartoner
  • Monitor the number of sachets fed and whether it meets with the configured number
  • Reject grouped sachet in case of not enough sachets fed
  • Introduce the correctly grouped sachets onto the cartoner
  • Erect the carton blanks into carton box
  • Insert sachets into the carton box
  • Fold and tuck-in of carton top and snap-lock bottom
  • Discharge


What are the Products Sachet Cartoning Machine is Designed for?

The sachet cartoning machine can be applied for the cartoning packaging of products including Coffee sachet, Tea bag sachet, condom sachet, shampoo sachet, etc.

The sachet styles as follow are available for the cartoning machine:

    • Sachet with seal bars
    • Sachet with flat seals only
    • Specially shaped sachets
    • Sachets with tear-off cut
    • Sachets with Tear-off Notch


What are the Available Infeed Systems for Sachet Cartoning Machines?

Based on how you would like to loading the sachets or pouches into the carton. You may turn to:

  • A 90-degree turning and infeeding system

Tea bags cartoning machine

  • A pick-and-place system with multiple hopper to place pouches or sachets. (see video placed above)

sachet cartoning machine


Get your Customized Sachet Cartoning System

The experienced team at ELITER Packaging Machinery is at your disposal and service to elaborate on a project and build a sachet cartoning machine adapted to your specific demands and needs to boost your production and business. Get in contact with us to find our our solutions for you.

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