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Replace Plastic Packaging with Cardboard Carton and Sleeve

More Concern with the Environment

Companies nowadays are looking for a more ecological approach in terms of packaging including attaching more importance to the carbon-neutralization, cut-down on emissions, R+D+I of new ecological materials, etc.

In the packaging industry, people have been trying to take a shift from plastic packaging to a more environmentally friendly form of packaging, evidently for the reason that the degradation of plastics is a hard nut to crack and given the fact that the White Pollution has been a top issue all over the world.

Plastic Packaging


Shift from Plastic Wrap to Recyclable Paperboard Carton

In the past, multipacks of bottles, cans, and other containers are usually shrink-wrapped by plastic film.

The downsides of the plastic shrink-wrap are that:

  • Shrink-Wrap consumes a lot of electricity to generate heat for shrinking the film
  • The torn plastic film is a considerable source of white pollution
  • The difficulty in terms of recyclability of plastic

All the above-mentioned features make the plastic shrink-wrap not such a sustainable packaging and let alone be defined as the so-called ecological one.

Global Giant’s Effort to Remove the Plastic Shrink-Wrap

Heinz, the global food processing giant, has taken efforts to remove plastic film packaging in their products and shift to recyclable cardboard and paperboard carton sleeve with less carbon footprint.

The new material used for the paperboard sleeve contributes to improving the recyclability, less carbon footprint than plastic shrink-wrap, and better sustainability with forest resources. The interlock sleeve closure also replaces the glue used in the adhesively closed sleeve packaging.

heinz sleeve packaging and plastic packaging



Downsize the Carton and Use Recycled Materials

Recycled Matrials for Carton BoxRecycled Materials

White SBS Paper has been the primary material for carton boxes until recent years, however, many companies now are looking for more sustainable material for making carton boxes and also seek to downsize the carton with shorter flaps, and less GMS (or say thinner boxes).

The traditional carton boxes usually get processed and bleached both on the inner and outer surfaces which caused more consumption of chemical substances and thus more carbon footprint.

By having only one surface white-substrated it is estimated to save 30% more cost approximately than having both sides processed.


Thinner Carton and Shorter Flaps

Thinner flaps and recycled carton boxesA downsize or downscale of cartons is also a strategy taken by some companies, for example, to get the dust flaps shorter and make cartons with lower GMS (thinner cartons), thus fewer materials are consumed during the production of carton boxes.







Corresponding Packaging Automation Solutions by ÉLITER

Wrap Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine

At ÉLITER Packaging Machinery we are taking efforts to get our packaging automation solutions adapted to the changes as well.

The company is investing in the R+D+I of Wrap-Around Sleever so as to offer to the market the packaging automation solutions of cardboard sleeve and multipack sleeve packaging.

We are just at the final stage to get our Sleever launched into the market.  We suggest you get in contact with our representative for further information or send a request or inquiry for our packaging machinery.






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