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Remote Technical Support with Augmented Reality

Offering remote support and service through video calls with Augmented Reality: One of our strategies during the transformation of the business.

Video Call for Technical Service with Augmented RealityAs one step of the course of our business’s transformation, ELITER Packaging Machinery is developing visual technical assistance, or say, incorporating to our customer experience with video technical service the augmented reality.

This is the decision to improve our service now that it is frequently that technicians at our customer’s site may not necessarily know packaging machinery perfectly and communication through video can be difficult, for example, when they are asked to handle some specific parts and with oral communication only it is not easy to locate immediately what it is supposed to be handled.

All customers of ELITER Packaging Machinery can expect the launching of our AR video support service as soon as in the coming months.



Augmented Reality in Industry

Service Technicians will be just as if they are onsite. A video conference is appointed and arranged by simply sending a link by the click of which the client can join the session without downloading any APP.

Traditional remote support is time-spending, given the fact that the one who is on another side of the screen may not immediately find out the parts the technician is asking to do something with, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. However, thanks to the Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that emerged in recent years and has been long used for entertainment though, video call is now not only about “do that” and “what to do”.

Features of Augmented Reality Video Support

  • Point or Circle the Areas Need Maintenance

A real-time tool will be at the technician’s disposal to point or circle specific parts that call for action, the change will be visible to the customer simultaneously so that they can find which one to touch.

  • Hand Tracking and Overlay

A real-time hand tracing system without needing to get ready with any extra device. The system will work with the camera to capture the hand action of the technician and project it to the screen of the customer synchronously when the video is being taken. The technician shows what to do and the customer just has to follow the instruction of the hand gesture.

  • Share Layout and Image without Pausing

A further function is to share an image, for example, the electrical diagram, so that while they are handling the electrical components in the cabinet, a document is at their disposal to refer to.


Stands Out with Technology and Innovation

“Apart from the machinery we design and offer, we wish to be different also in with the service and customer experience”, said Zhiwei Bao, general manger at ELITER Packaging Machinery, the third generation of the family business.

“The elder generations are reluctant to invest into the R+D+I, this is doubtless to say. In China, people in this industry tend to not invest for change and this is one of the reasons that the sector in China is now stuck in a predicament of homogeneity.”, added Bao.

It is expected that during the last several years of 2022, together with the Wrap-Around Sleever which is just around the corner, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery will launch their service of remote support with AR. All of these changes will mark the very first steps of the company´s reincarnation and transformation.


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