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Reasons Why You Should Use Sleeves for Packaging

single tray sleeve wrapping

The sleeve is a special form of packaging that, compared with traditional carton boxes, has several advantages in terms of appearance, eco-concerns, marketing and branding performance, etc.,

We discuss in this post why we consider the sleeve as the ideal form of packaging, the reasons, and our sleeve automation solutions.


Packagings Nowadays

Companies nowadays are seeking better packaging solutions for their products considering various factors such as packaging cost, eco-friendliness, appearance and visual appeal, branding performance, and so forth. While the traditional and typical cartoning is still the primary choice, the sleeve has stepped out as a more “modern” option.

Enhancing some innovation in your packaging may make your products turn out to be of higher quality, more reliable, and more superior and luxurious.

The fact that the sleeve has come into the stage has made a change and watershed in the packaging nowadays and is switching people’s preference from the complex to the simple.


Benefits of Sleeve Boxes

Selling your product is not only about the product itself and the packaging is also the key factor involved. Packaging solutions adapted for a certain product will not only affect the cost, however, would also bring either positive impact or side-effect to your product depending on how you’ve made your way out.  The benefits of sleeve boxes or sleeve packaging are not only that sleeves can be opened fastly and easy rather than the traditional carton boxes that have to be torn through. We enumerate as follow the advantages and benefits of sleeve packaging:

1. Sleeve is easy to unbox and more sleek and attractive

Sleeves are easy to unbox, rather than traditional carton boxes that take a longer time to unpack the flaps and panels. Or in turn, the carton boxes take more time to pack and secure. What’s more, the sleeves are also lightweight compared with carton boxes.

Sleeves are also sleek and attractive in terms of appearance. For example, when the partial sleeve is used for packaging, it can show the containment within the packaging while at the mean while the sleeve can add visual appeal to the product – a better way of the display compared with the traditional carton boxes.

2. Brand Recognition

The sleeve can add brand recognition to your business. Products with sleeve packaging are usually more conspicuous on the shelf. Even though the customer may not know much about your products, however, they would get a special impression about them about turn to take a detailed view.

The more your sleeve packaging is exposed to the market, the more impact the sleeve has on brand recognition.

3. Eco-Friendliness

Sleeves are more simple in comparison with traditional rectangle carton boxes that have six faces and extra flaps and tucks, and thus are more environmentally friendly now that they consume less paper and printing material. Showing concerns about the environment can also add goodwill to your business.


What is Sleever?

Carton Wrap Around Sleeving MachineNow that we have analysed the benefits of sleeve packaging… you may ask how to enhance automation for sleeve packaging? Yep, here comes the sleever. Sleever is also known as Wrap-Around Sleever which is a kind of packaging machinery specially designed for sleeve packaging automation.

Sleever can place flat sleeve blanks on single or multipack containers, wrap and slide the sleeve around the container(s), and form the sleeve in form of glue or lock closure.



Taking sleeves as the packaging for your products is just only the first step… A Wrap-Around Sleever can help to boost your business further by enhancing packaging automation for your products. Professionals and engineers at ELITER are at your service to offer you our customized sleeve automation solution and machinery for your business.

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