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Ready Meals and Sleeve Wrap-Around Packaging

Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging and Ready Meals

Sleeve packaging is commonly used for ready meals – which are frequently loaded in a tray, sealed by film and then over-wrapped by a piece of paperboard sleeve. In the consumer products industry and especially ready-to-eat meals, we can definitely see its omnipresence.

While both in Europe and the U.S.A., people have taken it as commonplace, in China, nevertheless, ready meal sleeve packaging machine ready meals and self-heating foods with sleeve packaging are gradually taking up the shelves with market volume growing with a year-by-year recorded surge.


Emerging Market of Sef-Heating Foods



The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is the primary incentive that led to the “Going-Through-the-Roof” increasing market volume of self-heating foods in China. Early back to the 2000s self-heating foods were already introduced to the market though, it was until 2017 that they were noticed by the consumer market and then saw their impact on the traditional instant food market.

During the covid pandemic when restaurants were shut down, home-delivery foods were restricted and people were forced to stay at home, self-heating meals cut into the niche and were suddenly short of demand due to the online purchasing channel.


Sleeve – The Perfect Match for Ready Meals

Convenience is the core factor that lies in the ready meals, yet the marketing and branding performance is still an indispensable one that should not be left aside. Here comes the sleeve packaging that perfectly fits in.


Ready meals tend to be loaded in a tray which is sealed by a piece of film on the top. Trays are sometimes of round-edge and thus not suitable for traditional carton boxes, which even if they are fitted, would cause some extra redundant packaging material and make the packaging complex to tear off.

Sleeves, on the contrary, keep the secondary packaging as succinct as possible. Rather than the carton boxes that come with flaps and tucks to open, the sleeves can get doffed easily. Manufacturers can also make avail of their conspicuous appearance to customize their own package design to maximize their branding performance.


Wrap Around Sleeve Packaging – Our Solutions

ELITER is currently on of the very first packaging machine manufacturers engaged in the innovation of carton sleeve wrap-around machines to enhance automation in sleeve packaging.

sleever wrap-around sleeveOur Wrap-Around Sleever, built with a robust and hygienic stainless steel construction ideally suited for the food industry, covers the carton sleeve wrap-around packaging automation for both single and multipack clusters, from a single tray for ready meals to a multipack for yogurts or drinks.

Get in contact with our team and our professionals will get in touch to introduce our market-leading carton sleeving machines and cardboard sleeve packaging solutions.

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