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Project Landed at Arresal – BT-2000L Overwrapper

New Set of BT-2000L Overwrapper Landed at the Site of our Client

On Oct 30th, we called Arresal’s site in Guangzhou to install. configure and provide onsite technical support for one of the 11 sets of BT-2000L Overwrappers ordered. The equipment is installed in a packaging automation line to provide overwrapping solution for the skin-care facial masks produced by the frontside processing line.

Overwrapping, also known as fold-wrapping, is a kind of secondary packaging that is commonly seen in industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and so forth. The product loaded in a carton is furtherly overwrapped by a splice of the film which is folded and sealed to protect the inner containment.

Automatic Overwrapping Machine

Automatic Overwrapping Machine

ÉLITER´s Excellence in Overwrapping Solution

ÉLITER is China´s top leading manufacturer of automatic overwrapping machines introducing to the market our BT-2000L Automatic Turret Overwrapper which can reach an unparalleled output of  100 PPM while ensuring a perfect wrapping performance thanks to our patented technique Tri.Driver®.

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