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Pre-Glued Sleever and Wrap-Around Sleever

Packaging Machinery for Sleeve Packaging

Packaging automation solutions for sleeve packaging are available in different forms for customers whose preferences differ. Some attach importance to the output, while others care more about the cost or try to find a balance between several specifications.

Packaging machines for cardboard or paperboard sleeve packaging principally are defined into three catalogs:

Refer to Wrap Around Carton Sleeving Machines: The Variety to find details of each one.

We discuss in this the pros and cons of Pre-glued Sleever and Wrap-Around Sleever.


Pre-Glued Sleever 

A pre-glued sleever resembles a horizontal end-load cartoner. Carton (Sleeve) blanks are erected after which products are loaded by the end-side. A pre-glued sleever, just as its name refers to, requires that the cardboard sleeves come pre-glued rather than being flat blanks.


pre-glued sleever


Sleeves used for pre-glued sleeving should come with a weakness line (tear line) for the purpose that they can be folded into blanks and then erected into carton sleeves for end load.

The weakness line may affect the visual appeal of the packaging and also probably its stability.



Another problem with pre-glued sleeving is that it may not be an ideal choice for multipack sleeve packaging. Since the more containers to be loaded, the more difficult it is to end-load them into the sleeve. In such a circumstance it would be better to turn to Wrap-Around Sleever.

Generally, the features of pre-glued sleeving are as follow:

  • The sleeve must be pre-glued and thus there will be a tear line (weakness line)
  • Ideal for single container sleeving and may not be a good choice for multipack sleeving


Wrap-Around Sleever

Wrap-Around Sleeve is a kind of packaging machine specially designed for sleeve wrap-around packaging. Cardboard sleeves do not have to be pre-glued but just only in form of flat blanks. carton wrap around sleeving machine


The sleever, installed with an infeed system if necessary, can group containers into multipack, place the sleeve on the grouped containers, fold two side panels around them and seal the sleeve on the bottom with hot melt glue.

Advantages of sleever are that it outstrips pre-glued sleever in terms of speed (generally), convenience (sleeves do not have to be pre-glued), performance, and stability of packaging.


As follow we conclude the features of Wrap-Around Sleever:

  • Sleeves only have to be in flat blanks
  • Applicable for both single container and multipack (cluster)
  • Higher performance and better stability of packaging formed


Pre-Glued Sleever and Wrap-Around Sleever

Which one to Turn to?

You may still have further questions though after having read this post about the pros and cons of Wrap-Around Sleever and Pre-Glued Sleever…

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