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Packaging Trends in 2023: Sustainability, Recyclability and Minimalism

Sustainability, Recyclability and Minimalism

Trade continues to adapt to the changes that have taken place and are still taking place in the world.

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Techniques, strategies and products that worked perfectly in the past do not have the same effect in this new market model in which we live. That said, it is of great importance to know the product packaging trends for 2023.

Throughout the text, we will show the novelties in the field of packaging, highlighting the impact they have on the consumer experience. Good reading!

Packaging that goes with the moment

We know that, over the years, the market has become more Moderna and competitive. The preferences of the public have changed and people are looking for better products and services every day.

The consumer researches and evaluates various details until he chooses a product that corresponds to what he wants. After the Covid-19 pandemic, many changes took place and the market is expected to follow each of them to serve the public.

Most consumers, before finalizing a purchase, analyze several aspects. If the product offered gives you a mix of design, safety and convenience, for example, the possibility of purchase is greater and the packaging should follow the same line. The idea is to give the customer the satisfaction of having made a good deal.

There are several ways to reinvent the way of packaging a product. Each of them should be used to attract and keep your consumer interested in what you can offer. So, follow the following topics and find out the main trends!


Top Packaging Trends for 2023

There are several novelties in the world of packaging, but among so many proposals, there are some that stand out and promise to invade the market.


Interactive packaging

Interactive packaging is a practical way to attract attention. They serve to entertain the consumer and “tell him stories”.

With the cell phone camera, the customer can read a simple QR Code and have access to additional information about the product or the brand.

Thus, the interactive packaging allows directing this consumer towards the content that makes the most strategic sense.

By scanning the code and without moving from the seat, the consumer can access your store and make new purchases. It can be directed to a video, to a social network profile, to a blog, to a social campaign; if it is a food package it can be directed to a recipe, the options are countless!

Another way to use the QR code is to show ways to use the product or feedback from other customers. Having a space where the public can leave their opinion registered and evidenced is very important for other people who are looking to make a purchase.


Sustainable packaging

Bringing the combination of beauty and sustainability attracts the attention of the consumer. That’s because it’s always time to rethink the way we use our resources.

When a brand or company invests in reusing, charging a fair price and delivering a quality product, it is earning a place in the customer’s life.

In this new moment, conservation has become essential, and those who work with this awareness offer something more to the public, standing out from those who do not seek this change.

Tray of Ready Meal Wrapped by Carton Sleeve

Sustainable packaging can be made from recycled materials or produced in a way that uses less plastic, for example.

An example of sustainable packaging that will become evident in 2023 and in the coming years is monolayer packaging, which consists of using a single layer of packaging with a single type of material. This packaging model avoids the unnecessary use of plastic and facilitates recycling, in addition to improving and benefiting the creation of ecological packaging for various products.

If you want to know if your brand is ready to offer sustainable packaging, access this article.


The minimalist trend

The packaging trend is to bring back the idea of “less is more”. Attracting the public’s attention with lightness and simplicity is still and always will be a good alternative.

The reduction in the number of elements, colors, words and images used makes the packaging more elegant. These elements usually attract the consumer because it is the type of purchase in which the product is acquired and the packaging is still used as a decoration element.

Comparing Pre-glued sleeve and wrap-around sleeve

Betting on minimalism is a way to recover the classic, to get closer

the eldest and the youngest. In practice, it is possible to reach a wider audience in a subtle and sophisticated way, guaranteeing a higher income and a possible return of even greater positive comments.


Packaging with feedback collection

Many companies are producing more assertively and ensuring the success of their products because they are listening to their customers.

Analyzing and having access to feedback is essential, as it provides guidance for future business. It is important to be attentive and vigilant to what customers comment.

For this reason, one of the product packaging trends for 2023 is packaging with feedback collection or data collection.

Through a QR Code present on the product packaging, the consumer can be directed to a satisfaction survey or to a product evaluation page.

Making the consumer feel that your opinion is relevant makes them feel more attracted. Even if you don’t buy the product right now, you could buy it in the near future.

It is important to know how to take advantage of these comments, since any information left by the buyer can be considered. Every comment, compliment or criticism that is received should be used as a source of ways to improve. That way, you will always offer a more efficient and quality product, service or service.


Beyond the packaging: the importance of understanding the consumer

Regardless of which trend is chosen, it takes study to make good packaging. Knowing the material or the design is essential, but knowing the market trends makes the difference.

When it comes to the consumer market, we know that there is a wide area that can be addressed. When choosing packaging, you need to do your research and understand how your buyer thinks.

You have to think like the one who buys and look at the competitor with consumer eyes. Would I buy this?

Analyzing what others are doing can be used as a research strategy. Of course, not to copy, but to have a north.

Choosing the ideal container is a job that must be done with caution and analysis. The product, the distribution route and the storage location are just some of the points that must be evaluated to reach the ideal point, until it can reach the final consumer.


Packaging trends for 2023, as we saw throughout the text, value interactivity, sustainability and minimalism.

In fact, there are other trends, but these are the ones that can have the most impact on the experience of today’s consumers, bringing more revenue to companies.

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