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Packaging of Ready Meal and Dairy Products | ÉLITER Packaging Machinery


The food and consumer goods market in China is nowadays expanding and growing at an unprecedented speed. While the quantity of the total market share is surging, the packaging of the products consumed tends to appear in a great variety of shapes, forms and styles.

More exactly, the ready meal and prepare food industry, together with the dairy product industry has already developed maturely in the western world while in China it is just at its outset of rocketing.

We cover in this article the packaging of ready meals, dairy products and prepared foods now witnessed in China and put forward our opinion regarding this prospective market.


I. History of Ready Meals

We have mentioned in the previous parts frequently the read meals or ready-to-eat foods. The history of the ready meal and prepared food can trace back to the 1950s when the American company Swansons made the foundation of the modern ready meal concept. The company was left with a huge surplus of turkey in 1953 after thanksgiving that year which was troublesome to deal with.

The genius idea rushed into their mind to get them packed in aluminum trays just like those foods served on the airlines. Such a new form of a meal at that time was accepted by the market with a great success of sales volume made – allegedly 10 million sold in the very first year. (* Cited from BBC, The rise of the ready meal, 16 Feb 2013, Denise Vinterman)

II. Ready Meals Packaging Nowadays

Ready meals packaging has currently diversified into various styles. Most of them are loaded in a plastic tray or preformed plastic containers which are sealed by film and then wrapped by sleeve cardboard. The production technologies have also made it possible to preserve ready-to-eat foods during the long term. We cite a picture of typical prepared food (ready-to-eat after having been heat by micro-oven) produced by CARRETILLA.

III. The Diversity of Dairy Product Packaging

Dairy products are always considered the most sensitive and vulnerable item to deterioration which will affect their taste and appearance. In the meanwhile, the massive consumption of dairy products makes it essential to innovate its packaging to a level of minimum waste and as lean as possible. We can see that between these two facets there is some kind of contradiction.

In the case of China, and probably in all the other countries, the dairy products were originally mostly sold in glass bottles. The milkman would dispatch home in the morning the milk or yogurt ordered by clients and come to recollect them empty bottles in the afternoon, which would lead to considerable work hours.

Nowadays, however, dairy product packaging has developed into a wide category and diversity. But principally, the dairy cups (yogurt and desserts) come in preformed plastic containers which could be round shape or cuboid shape and sealed by a food-grade plastic film or the Alu-cover.

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