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How to Extend a Packaging Machine’s Lifespan

lifespan of packaging machinesA packaging machine installed stands for the final user’s expectation that their production can be improved with minimized labor cost, the maximum level of reliability and efficiency, and with minimum chance of downtime and the subsequent cost entailed.

The common sense is that, the longer the packaging machine serves at the end user’s facility, the more benefits it brings about after the period of payback (the term after which the investment in purchasing the packaging machine is paid back with the revenue the machine generates).


Here comes the concern: how long can your packaging machine work to automate your packaging and contribute more benefits to your business?

What is the Lifespan of a Packaging Machine?

The lifespan or lifecycle of a packaging machine counts the period from its installation and done with commissioning until it is retired from use.

The lifespan of a packaging machine can vary depending on several factors such as the type and quality of the machine, how frequently it is used, how well it is maintained, and the operating environment.

Generally, a well-maintained packaging machine with a high-quality build can last for up to 10-15 years. However, this is not a fixed timeline but rather an approximate estimation. some machines may last longer, while others may fail sooner due to differences in usage patterns, wear and tear, environmental conditions, and level of maintenance provided.

For companies of final users, the longer the service life of packaging machine equipment, the greater the benefits and the greater the cost. Conversely, packaging machines with short service life will not only affect production but also affect the construction period of the factory, which is a fatal blow to the factory.


What are the 4 Factors that Affect a Packaging Machine´s Service Life?

1. The quality of the packaging machine determines its service life

Before purchasing packaging machine equipment, be sure to choose a trustworthy packaging machine brand. The quality of the packaging machine directly determines the service life of the packaging machine.

2. The cleaning of the packaging machine determines its service life.

Any kind of machinery and equipment needs to be maintained. The packaging machine should be cleaned regularly. It is also very important for the anticorrosive work of packaging machines. Unless the packaging machine is customized with a specific IP rating and construction, do not operate in a humid environment or load corrosive products, which will deteriorate the service life of the packaging machine.

3. Technical maintenance of the packaging machine also determines its service life

The packaging machine should be inspected and maintained regularly, because the packaging machine is a continuous operation, and the screws will inevitably loose when the machine is running, and it needs to be tightened frequently. If some parts of the packaging machine equipment have excessive friction, lubrication treatment can be carried out to prevent the parts from being deformed due to friction and affecting the service life of the packaging machine.

4. The working time of the packaging machine also affects the service life of the packaging machine

Under normal circumstances, the packaging function works continuously for 10,000 hours, but if the packaging machine is allowed to work continuously for a long time, no matter how good the quality of the packaging machine is, it will be overwhelmed. Generally speaking, it is better to use the packaging machine continuously for 8-12 hours. If the factory urgently needs to rush to work, it is recommended to turn off the packaging machine equipment and let it rest for half an hour after using the packaging machine continuously for 8 hours, and then start the operation. The rational use of the packaging machine also directly affects the service life of the packaging machine.


How Scheduled and Preventive Maintenance Extends the Lifespan

Scheduled and preventive maintenance plays a crucial role in extending the lifespan of any equipment, machinery, or system.

Regular preventive maintenance plays a crucial role in extending the lifespan of a packaging machine. This includes routine cleaning, lubrication, replacement of worn-out parts and timely servicing of the equipment. In contrast, neglecting regular maintenance or misuse can lead to shorter service life, frequent malfunctions or breakdowns, low productivity, and higher operational costs.

Schueduled maintenance
An Example of a Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Positively and proactively carrying out scheduled maintenance plans can extend significantly a packaging machine’s lifespan as well as avoid unexpected losses such as dragged production due to downtime, failure to meet production capacity, cost of booking for onsite technical support, etc.

  • Preventive maintenance helps to identify minor issues at the early stages

Regular inspections and maintenance checks can help identify minor problems early on before they turn into major ones that could potentially damage the entire system. this means that preemptive measures can be taken to address these minor problems, thus preventing them from escalating.

  • Preventive and scheduled maintenance reduces wear and tear

Machinery and equipment that undergo regular maintenance tend to perform better and last longer. this is because worn-out components are regularly replaced or repaired, reducing the rate of wear and tear on the system. this improves the overall efficiency of the equipment, leading to an extended lifespan.

  • Ensure long-lasting efficiency

A well-maintained system operates more efficiently than one that has been neglected for a long time. routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning filters, lubricating bearings, and calibrating sensors ensure that the system functions at optimal levels, which reduces energy consumption and prolongs the equipment’s lifespan.

  • Avoid unexpected cost

Preventive and scheduled maintenance can reduce costs related to breakdowns and other repair expenses significantly. the costs associated with unexpected outages due to equipment failure can be far higher than the cost of regular maintenance. replacing or repairing critical components early will save money over time.


Maximizing the Lifecycle of a Packaging Machine:

What to Expect from the Manufacturer

Through the packaging machine’s lifespan, it is inevitable that the final user will constantly reach in contact with the OEM for technical support, which means that packaging machine manufacturers also play a critical role in extending the installed packaging equipment’s lifespan.

As suggested previously in our other blog, the installation of a packaging machine follows long-term cooperation between the user and the packaging machine manufacturer.

Proactively maintaining in contact with the OEM will be necessary for the final user and the following are the factors to check with the manufacturer:

Ask for a maintenance schedule

Ask the manufacturer for scheduled maintenance guidelines. they should provide you with information on how often the machine should be serviced, what should be done during servicing, and what components should be checked for wear. by following these recommendations, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your machine, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns.

Check spare parts availability

Request information from the manufacturer regarding the availability of replacement parts for your specific model of packaging machine. the unavailability or delays related to sourcing components can increase machine downtime and idle hours waiting for repairs. knowing the availability beforehand will facilitate the ordering process, allowing you to quickly replace any worn or damaged components, ensuring that the machine continues to function optimally.

Confirm the operation limits

Manufacturers provide relevant operational limits for each machine to ensure its safety and longevity. request documentation detailing the maximum speeds, weights, and types of products that the machine is capable of processing to avoid overloading or over-exerting your automation system.

going outside the recommended operating parameters can lead to sudden or accelerated component wear, increased breakdowns, and risk of worker injury. therefore, working within the capabilities of the machine is important to ensure its lifespan.

upgrade used packaging equipment

Technical support

it is essential to have experienced technicians available for support in case of any unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions. discuss available support resources with the manufacturer such as phone or email assistance, on-site assistance, and maintenance staff training.

the manufacturer can also provide all necessary technical details, specifications, and diagnostics that are relevant to the machine, making repairs quicker and easier with fewer delays.

Service of upgrading old packaging equipment

As technology evolves, the manufacturers of packaging machines may offer upgrade options or refurbishment options for older models to keep up with industry advancements. understanding upgrade options and their associated benefits can prolong the useful lifespan of your packaging equipment


Our Support throughout Packaging Machine’s Lifecycle

how to extend a packaging machine lifecycle

From the epoch of HUANENG and until the stage of ELITER Packaging Machinery, the most “evergreen” packaging line among our past delivery has been working at the client’s facility for almost 10 years and is now still contributing to the packaging automation of the end user’s production and generating more revenues.

ELITER Packaging Machinery has also been attaching effort to expanding our global technical service network to offer our final users the most responsive technical support by sending technicians from our regional technical service partners.

Our advanced service also contains remote and video support with AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

Be proactive rather than reactive with your packaging machine and reach to our team at anytime for our support.


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