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Packaging Machine for Vegan Meal with Sleeve

Packaging Machine for Vegan Ready Meals with Carton Sleeve



Veganism is now a trend among consumers with the mindset of a healthy diet and businesses worldwide have already taken note of this potential market to get a share of it.[1]

Studies have also shown that vegan meals are not only a healthy alternative to ordinary animal products, however, vegan meals also emit fewer greenhouse gases (GHG) during the process from production to final consumption that the emission level of animal products during these processes.[2]


From ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, we strive to add further value to your effort made to keep a curb on the GHG emission with your vegan meal production and consumption by offering the most reliable, complete standard-complying, and perfectly food-industry-oriented packaging machine for the carton sleeve packaging of your vegan ready meals.

Wrap-Around Sleever for Vegan Meal

rotray carton feeder

ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever is designed and incorporated with all the endeavors and innovation by our engineering effort to offer the carton sleeving packaging solution for the food industry and also to meet the rigid level of hygiene, durability, external environmental factor resistance, and ergonimics required in the food industry.

The machine is of multi-axis servo design and joined by SINAMICS V90 servo drives and thus can reach a speed of up to 100 cycles per minute. The robust SUS 304 construction makes it a confident food-grade packaging machine that our end-user can rely upon without any worry.

Primary features of our Sleever:

  • SINAMICS V90 Multi-Axis Servo Driven
  • Robust 304 construction with ergonomic design
  • Built with full concern for food-grade use
  • Market-leading and unique carton sleeving packaging machine available in China



Environmental Concerns within your Vegan Meals

The primary cause that veganism has become a prevailing trend in the food industry and consumer behavior is the concern about the environment, marked by more and more vegetarians practicing veganism leading a meat-free and cruel-free lifestyle, and thus avoiding consuming animal products. [3]

food on to go

Source: Eldonnews

Accompanying such a trend is the “food-on-the-go” culture,  meals are prepared in an instantly available-to-be-consumed manner and displayed on the shelf, which is addressed to be a consumption trend, in a lot of countries including the U.S. and United Kindom. And till nowadays it is also getting more and more popular in China.

The factor taken into consideration with this trend is the single-use packaging that can lead to a significant level of packaging waste of plastics and paper. And thus manufacturers and food processing companies are now resorting to recyclable materials for containers and packaging.

Apart from the recyclable material such as PET used for the plastic tray that carries the meals inside, the sleeve packaging is also a critical one in terms of the secondary packaging.


Enhance more Sustainability on Secondary Packaging with Sleeve

Sleeve Packaging vs Carton

Your vegan meals can either be loaded into traditional six-sided carton boxes or wrapped by a paperboard or cardboard sleeve. Yet, have you ever wondered with which packaging you are contributing more to the control of emissions and carbon footprint? 

PPEC study shows that, according to the materials used, for example, paperboard or corrugated cardboard, the carbon footprint can reach 0.94 kg CO2e with the former and 1.53 kg CO2e/kg with the latter. [4]

Obviously, when a carton sleeve is applied for secondary packaging, it saves more on paper and printing material now that rather than a carton box that has six sides and numbers of flaps and tucks, the sleeve is just a piece of flat paperboard that is simpler in structure.


We Appreciate your Effort and Want to Enhance more with your Packaging Sustainability

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery has noted the margin for GHG and carbon footprint control within your vegan ready to eat meal packaging. Our engineering team is at your disposal to enhance corresponding and responsive packaging solutions for the secondary and sleeve packaging of your ready meal products.

Zixin Yuan
Digital Marketing Coordinator


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