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Packaging Machine for Dessert Pots in Carton Sleeve

Carton Sleeve Packaging Machine for Snacking Market


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Chocolate pots, freezing yogurts, cheese, pudding pots,…

while enjoying your sweet snacks from crunchy dairy Cups to raw dessert pots bought from the supermarket,


why most of them are packed in a multipack and wrapper by a piece of carton sleeve?

And how they have been wrapped with these visually appealing packaging sleeves?



Wrap-Around Sleever for Dessert Pots

The wrap-around sleever is a packaging machine and equipment that can group multiple containers into a multipack, place a flat blank paperboard or cardboard sleeve on it, then slide and wrap the sleeve around the package, and complete the closure with hot-melt glue.

WAS-150 Wrap-Around Sleever by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is built with a food-industry-oriented mindset that the machine is of robust SUS 304 construction that fits completely the food-grade use.


As the pioneering packaging machine manufacturer in the niche of carton sleeving, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery definitely would not fall behind your expectation. In terms of performance, the machine is driven by SIEMENS SINAMICS V90 Multi-Axis Servos that can reach an incredible and unparalleled speed of 150 cycles per minute.

An overview of our Sleever´s primary features:

  • Food-grade and food-industry-oriented construction with robust SUS 304
  • Unparalleled performance of a speed up to 150 cycles per minute
  • Vanguardian design joined by SIEMENS SINAMICS V90 Multi-Axis Servo
  • Ergonomically designed safety guard and fine aesthetics

Sleeve Packaging Machine for Single Serve-Entrees


Sleeve as the Perfect Packaging for Dessert Pot Multipack

While simply covering the pots with just the plastic lids and displaying them on the shelves tends to be far too spartan and getting the multipack of pots in a carton box seems to be redundant, the sleeve packaging is there to step in as the ideal form of secondary packaging for sweet snacks products.


CAP LOCK SLEEVE PACKAGINGContainers of sweet desserts and dairy products, let them be pots, tubs or cups, tend to have round shapes. The problem is that carton boxes are too complex and consumes more printing and paper materials when applied for such round shape containers.

Given this fact, the packaging sleeve with cap lock will be the secondary packaging that fits dessert pots mostly.

A study has also revealed that the packaging sleeve offers almost the same level of protection and resistance during transport compared with the carton box. [1]




Multipack Sleeve with Cap LockThe advantages of such sleeve packagingwith cap lock turn out to be notable when it is used for a multipack of dessert pots or dairy cups that with the opening securing the round edge of each container, the multipack is secured in a solid and reliable manner that it will not tear during the transport or when being displayed on the shelves.

The locking property of such sleeve packaging keeps the containers in such an aligned manner that the products contained are free from being hammered or damaged by exterior context.

The sleeve also outstrips the carton box in terms of visual appeal and space for customization and personalization for content and printing.



Contact us for your Bespoke Sleever

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, the pioneering manufacturer of Wrap-Around Sleever and sleeve wrap-around cartoning machine is at your disposal to present proposal and packaging automation solutions for your various sweet snacks products including dessert pots, dairy cups, yogurt, chocolate pots, etc.



Just reach to our representative sending your product details by sending an email.

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