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What is the Best Machine to Pack Chocolate Box with Sleeve?

The Packaging of Chocolate

Chocolate Presentation Box with Carton Sleeve PackagingGreetings!

We have here for you a gift: a box of chocolate with packaging by ELITER Packaging Machinery!

Product and packaging can both be the factor that deserves customers’ attention. This is what makes difference when it comes to confectionery, which is sometimes featured by a sense of luxury to be given out as a gift for a festival. Chocolate from Ferrero Rocher is a good example.

Apart from the golden foil that wraps the chocolate as the primary packaging and then balls of wrapped chocolates are loaded in solid plastic presentation boxes or trays, the secondary packaging is what truly calls for attention when displayed on a shelf.

Something that you may never have thought of, whenever you pass by these luxury chocolates in the supermarket, is the secret about their packaging:

  • What is the better choice for their secondary packaging? Carton box or carton sleeve?
  • How their packaging automation is achieved? 
  • What are the machines that can serve the packaging process?
  • Which machine may be a better choice? Pros and cons?


Secondary Packaging for Chocolate in Plastic Presentation Boxes (Trays) 

Boxes of Chocolate with Wrap Around Sleeve PackagingChocolate, for example that of Ferrero Rocher, probably may be loaded into a clear carrying case: a plastic presentation box or a tray, to give a decent view of the wrapped balls of chocolate in fluted paper cups throughout the packaging. This is the most iconic part of chocolate packaging.

Chocolate Ball

Adding on this is the secondary packaging that provides further space for information, branding, and advertisement. Basically, there would be two choices:

  • Carton boxes
  • Carton sleeves

Each one of them may bring different advantages of disadvantages, yet, to put it in a simple and blatant way: Packaging is the Essential Marketing Tool for Chocolate.

Pros and Cons of Carton Boxes for Chocolate Packaging

The carton box, regardless of their styles, offers complete protection to the chocolate container by covering it from all directions. Meanwhile, the features that caron boxes are complete panel structure offers as well more surface for carrying information.

Chocolate in Carton Box with Cutout

The downside is that to give a view inside the package the carton must be with cutout (or window), which is covered by a layer of plastic. This will add considerable the cost with the printing and material of secondary packaging, especially when it comes to bulk production.

Pros and Cons of Carton Sleeve for Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate in Plastic Tray and Carton Sleeve

The Carton sleeve or sleeve band is, on the other hand, a more flexible choice for chocolate’s secondary packaging. For example, a strap sleeve packaging covers less surface on the hard container and thus offers a better vision of the chocolate contained. The sleeve is also cost-effective in printing and material costs.


What are Packaging Machines for Chocolate’s Secondary Packaging?

Cartoning Machine for Chocolate in Plastic Presentation Box and Tray

A cartoning machine is among the available options to load plastic presentation boxes or trays (with chocolate) either in carton boxes or sleeves. This most common option is a horizontal end load cartoning machine, that erects the carton boxes and pre-glued sleeve, and loads the containers from the open end.

A cartoning machine can be relatively affordable. However, during the process of cartoning, scratches can be left on the plastic presentation boxes and trays which will affect the overall package’s appearance. This is extremely critical when it comes to the luxury chocolate to be gifted.

Wrap-Around Sleever to Wrap Plastic Presentation Box and Tray with Cardboard Sleeve

Sleeve Packaging Machine for Single Serve-Entrees

Wraparound Sleever (Wrap-Around Cartoner), on the contrary, allows gentler handling of the plastic containers to be processed for further packaging. This is deemed by its difference to a cartoning machine that, rather than pushing the plastic presentation box into an erected carton, the sleever places flat sleeve blank over the container and wraps the sleeve around it when it is carried throughout stations along the wrap-around sleever. Such a process causes less friction and will do little damage to the package’s appearance.

A Comparison Between Cartoner and Sleever for Chocolate Packaging

Types Cartoner Sleever
Cost Affordable Expensive
Package to be Used Carton Boxes
Pre-glued Sleeve
Unglued Flat Sleeve Blanks
Packaging Performance Possible scratches Gentle handling


Our Flexible Secondary Packaging Solutions

Whether it is chocolate in plastic presentation boxes or trays loaded into carton box or just with cardboard sleeve, either of these two options are within the scope that ÉLITER Packaging Machinery´s solutions cover. No matter if it is the cartoner or sleever you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our team to have chat.

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