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Overwrapping Machine with Total Stability at Higher Speed

Market-Leading Overwrapping Machine

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery has recently completed a project of cellophane overwrapping on our BT-2000L Film Overwrapper, the machine runs 170*120*25 mm cartons at a speed of 80 wraps per minute and in the total-heat-sealing pattern, as per the customer’s request.

BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine and its peers of the series are designed with updated mechanical structure and incorporated with our patented technology to enhance the stability and performance and higher speed, thanks to which our film overwrapper can run up to 100 wraps per minute – a level of performance that those cheap craps in the Chinese market can never ever parallel.

Edges of ÉLITER Film Overwrapper over the Others

BT-2000L and peers of the series are turret overwrapping machines developed by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery and incorporated with our patented technology, the machine is capable of running at a higher speed of up to 100 wraps per minute and can work smoothly with higher-intermediate cartoning machines in the context of packaging line application, such is a feature that none of the cheap turret overwrapping machines sold in the Chinese market can ever reach.

high speed overwrapping machine

Benefits and Features of ÉLITER overwrapping machine are as follows:

  • Updated mechanical design totally different than the older and cheap ones in the market
  • Turret driven by our patented structure through a cam divider, thus enhancing better stability and higher speed
  • Market-leading speed up to 100 PPM with tuck-and-fold wrapping performance guaranteed.
  • Available for either spot-seal or strip-seal, apart from the fully-seal
  • Temperature and station controls all by encoder through PLC
  • Updated turret design with the number of format components minimized during the changeover

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