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Upgraded Overwarpping Machine Hits 110 Wraps per Minute

Faster and Better: It is 110 Wraps per Minute

best film overwrapper

❗ No exaggeration

❗ No fraud of  ¨paper-tiger¨

❗ No speeded-up video

Our upgraded overwrapping machine is hitting a record speed of 110 packs per minute. With some advancement in structure and designs, and then with servo technologies we are reaching beyond the impossible.

If you are looking for a cheap pile of steel on Alibaba or Made-in-China which are sold at some USD 5.000, this is not for you. However, for those who look for a high-end solution, this is just what you have in mind!

What are the Factors that Set as Apart?

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is different from companies you may find out there with a random search on the Internet and B2B websites like Alibaba or Made-in-China who are either real manufacturers or resellers, claim to be “China the leading manufacturer of overwrapping machines¨, and then actually sell homogenous cheap piles of steel of at a price of some USD 5,000 USD 7,000 that only makes noises.

We focus on every detail that makes our machine stand apart.

  • Servo Technologies: Our film overwrappers are optional to be of the multi-axis servo with all the mechanisms separately driven by their own actuator – even the film feeding unit.

All servo overwrapping machine
Full-Servo + Explosion-Proof Film Overwrapper by ELITER

  • Upgraded transmission and mechanical design: It looks basically the same yet the secret is that we can reach faster speed than others and still ensures that packaging quality is about our patented structure.
  • Full set of Safety Devices: Safety guard, guard-switch, independent enclosure, light stacks, … you pay for what you get. These are not available on those cheap craps.

  • HMI instead of buttons: For reasons of cost those cheap machines would use buttons for setting temperature. While with ours, they are available through the HMI.


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