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Overwrapping Machine with Explosion Proof Features

Case Study: Restoration and Explosion-Proof Enclosures

NEMA 7 EXPLOSION RESISTANT OVERWRAPPING MACHINEWe have stated in our past blogs several times the purchase of cheap crap and an inferior packaging machine can be a disaster for your business.

In this case study, we talk about a recently completed project assigned by a client, who bought a cheap and shitty overwrapping machine elsewhere in China, the original manufacturer or probably an intermediary failed to offer after-sales support, and without any other choice, the client reached to us asking for service of restoration, now that our excellence of overwrapping is recognized on the market.

What will be discussed in this case study:

  • What happens with the original machine the client bought elsewhere?
  • Why do we need explosion-proof enclosures?
  • Our advice for purchasing packaging machines and spotting the reliable supplier.

Overcharged for a Cheap Pile of Steel

Before the restoration - overwrapping machine

The client was looking for an overwrapping machine with Explosion-Proof add-ons for the purpose to fit the machine to their industry, which is a sensitive sector.

What is to blame is that the original manufacturer built the machine on the basis of a very cheap overwrapping machine you can find on the market in China at a price of CNY 25.000, some USD 3.600, and then sold to the client at a price of USD 50.000, which is a complete fleece given the inferior performance and quality of such kind of overwrapping machine’s nature.


Admittedly, special add-on features such as requirements explosion resistance, washdown, and IP level can raise the budget significantly, however, it is not reasonable to fool and overcharge a client, never. Cheap machines have their reason to be cheap, but by no means can they have any reason to be expensive.

Remove the steel cover
The Inferior Workmanship

Restoration to Replace the Cheap Overwrapping Machine

Literally, we did not keep anything of the original machines except the framework and enclosures. The work we did was to remove the cheap overwrapping machine there within the structure and place our own Overwrapping Machine within it.

Remove the machine and safety guards

There is no reason to stay with any parts of the original machine, the reasons are as follows:

  • They used SUS 201 to pretend SUS 304
  • The workmanship was extremely awful without detail-focus
  • Use of a lot of fake SMC pneumatic cylinders

Build our own machine on the basis of the structure

Building an overwrapping machine - eliter packaging machineryThe engineering team calculated the space availability within the given structure and did some customization in design with our own overwrapping machine so as to fit the space there.

The process was no more than we would normally do with building our film overwarpper.

We kept with the original enclosures which in fact were not that bad in quality and ordering new ones was not practical now that the client was looking for a lead time as short as possible and would be suffering downtime during the restoration.

Install back the framework and safety guards, completion

We repolished and refurbished all the framework and safety guards and set them back in the machine.

A comparison of the restored machine and its original status

Restoration Project for Overwrapping Machine - ELITER Packaging Machinery

The Satisfied Client Places further Orders

Apart from the restored machine, the client was satisfied with our work and decided to place an order for extra 2 sets of eliter’s overwrapping machines with add-ons as follows:

  • Multi-axis servo driven
  • Explosion-resistant enclosures


The Application of Explosion Resistant Enclosures

Explosion-proof or explosion-resistant enclosures are used to contain electrical and pneumatic components such as plugs, controls, switches, valves, etc., to prevent the probable implosion from within the enclosure from spreading out of the ambient and thus ensuring the safety of the operators and people around by the machine.

The use of explosion-proof enclosures benefits workplace safety, protection with equipment, and regulatory compliance for a wide range of industries where the works on site involve high-pressure air supply, chemicals, and inflammable and explosive materials.

Avoid Buying Cheap Machines from Untrustworthy Suppliers

Implementing a packaging machine is not a once-for-all deal. In order to ensure your business’s benefits, it is critical to spot a reliable packaging machine supplier who will build the machine with quality focus and ensure that they are capable of delivering after-sales services. We have below some advice for you:

Avoid working with dishonest middlemen or fake manufacturer

There are mountains of intermediaries and trading companies who pretend to be the manufacturer and deceive their clients. Yet in fact, they are sales-oriented and would resource the machine among bunches of random manufacturers and resell the cheapest one to the client.

Moreover, dishonest intermediaries and these fake manufacturers usually fail to provide after-sales support now that they have no control over the machine sold and they are just passing information from the manufacturer and it may even get deviated.

Don´t expect that someone who has been cheating you from the very beginning would deal with you with goodwill.

Don’t Put Price in the First-Place

Cheap machines have their reason to be cheap. Figure out clearly what is your expectation. There is no such ideal balance between quality, performance, and budget.

Cheap packaging machines can damage your business by bringing endless problems, inferior performance, and frequent downtime. You will probably not see your investment paid back forever.



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