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The Next Generation Crescendo™ Cartoner

Cartoners of the New Generation

As the overarching principle of the new generation of our business, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is and will be attaching the utmost importance to the R+D+I. We believe in the power of being different and the opportunities lie beyond when charting our own course. I’d like to share with our customers, with this notice, that we are launching a new project to develop cartoning machines of the new generation incorporated with a distinctive mindset that sets it apart from those cartoners in the market and actually… we have already been proceeding with the development.

What is New with the New Generation Cartoner?

If you have ever pondered in depth the pros and cons between an intermittent cartoning machine and a continuous motion one, you would have soon found out that there is large gap between them.

Reflex on the fact that the intermittent one is affordable and of intermediate speed and the continuous one is of higher speed and of cost much higher than the former and then you would get some hints.

Some information to reveal about our new cartoner

  • Hybrid structure joined by multi-axis servo and mechanical transmission
  • Compact servo-driven loader
  • something between the intermittent and continuous one

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We are moving forward smoothly with Project Crescendo™ and you may expect the new models to be launched by the end of the year around the beginning of 2023. We appreciate your support to ÉLITER Packaging Machinery and wish to work with you soon.




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