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Next-Generation Cartoner to be Defined

Intermittent and Continuous Motion Cartoners

Intermittent Cartoning Machine & Continuous Cartoning Machine
Continuous Cartoner & Intermittent Cartoner

While basically, on the one hand, all the intermittent cartoning machines can hardly reach a maximum speed of 120 cartons per minute, which is an inherently physical limit due to the intermittent motion’s feature, continuous cartoners on the market are generally designed for ONLINE application of beyond some 260 cartons per minute, on the other hand.

This fact leaves a gap of choice between intermittent and continuous motion cartoning machines, that is to say, an entry-level continuous cartoning machine may probably be of performance beyond what the client expects.

Moreover, once the choice switches to a continuous motion cartoner from an intermittent one, THE COST ROCKETS.


Complex Barrel Cam Loaders that Increase the Cost

Why a continuous motion cartoning machine is expensive and even extravagant?

On a traditional continuous motion cartoning machine, the insertion station is comprised of a complex system of bunches loaders that follow a continuous flow path to repetitively complete the functions of loading. This is the primary factor to blame for continuous cartoner’s high cost.

What is the Barrel Cam Loader?

barrel cam loader
Barrel Cam Loader
Source: Patent US5787680

A barrel cam loader system is an apparatus commonly useful in a continuous cartoning system for inserting and loading articles into cartons. This is an integrated system that includes an endless confiner cam track, and an endless cam track, as usual features though, the structure may vary according to each manufacturer’s design. A series of pushers are continuously and endlessly driven through the cam track to follow an endless motion of repetitive and continuous insertion action.

The barrel cam system is such a complex structure that calls for a considerable number of parts for assembly that rockets the total cost of a continuous cartoning machine.


A New Approach to Continuous Cartoning Automation

ELITER Packaging Machinery is looking to present an innovative solution – a new form of continuous cartoning machine that offers an ideal and affordable high-speed cartoning option. As part of our Next-Generation Transformation and following our previously launched new model: ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever, the coming new model of the continuous cartoning machine will be another innovative step we made of our business. We will reveal detailed information in 2023.


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