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Delicate Handling of Nanoneedle: Cartoner with Smart Infeed System

Cartoner and Smart Feed System for Flow-Wrapped Nanoneedle

A project of cartoning machine joined by a smart conveyor system and a pick and place feeder for delicate objects: hypodermic medical needles (nanoneedle) flow-wrapped was finally accepted and delivered to ELITER Packaging Machinery’s client in the medical sector.

Medical Needle Packaging Machine

What is a smart conveyor system?

A smart conveyor system consists of a series of conveyors with different functions: phasing, timing, control and feed, to organize articles for downstream packaging (flow wrapping, shrink wrapping, cartoning, carton sleeving, etc.) from a random manner into a precisely timed flow for feeding.

Smart Conveyor System

Usually and along the flow path, a smart conveyor system has:

  • A supply conveyor that accepts the initial inflow of flow-wrapped needles from the upstream line
  • A phasing conveyor that organizes the needles in a spaced and regular relationship. This is a conveyor of variable speed that is automatically controlled by the program
  • A transfer conveyor that works at a configured and synchronized speed to feed the timely separated articles into the target conveyor or target machine downstream.

The smart conveyor system is often an ideal solution for infeed through a straight coming line between units and equipment along the packaging and production line.


Feeding System with Bernoulli gripper for delicate Pick and Place

Bernoulli grippers are a variety of suction devices for the adsorption transfer of light and delicate articles or those with smooth surfaces: bubble film, thin cloths, paper, etc., the advantages of Bernoulli grippers are basically:

  • The optimal choice for transporting delicate, thin, and brittle workpieces
  • Gentle contact for lifting and adsorption that minimizes damage caused to the surface
  • Minimized air consumption that calls for a low level of energy
  • The ideal solution for minimal contact gripping and for gripping pliable, porous and brittle workpieces


Bespoke Packaging for Delicate Medical Objects

Delicate Articles Cartoning Machine - medical needles

Medical objects like nanoneedles, syringes, and furthermore, usually call for careful handling along the line of packaging.  ELITER Packaging Machinery is at your disposal to value your requirement and expectations so as to present made-for-you packaging solutions for your delicate and brittle articles.

For more information, consult or to request a video, please get in contact with our team.


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