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Protective Mask Packaging End-of-Line Delivered to Joint Venture in Asheville

A manufacturing joint venture located in Asheville has chosen ÉLITER Packaging Machinery for the 2nd time to implement a complete line for protective medical masks consisting of collating, grouping system, cartoning machine, and case packing system. The joint venture is a regional renowned manufacturing company by HCA Healthcare and A Plus International specialized in the manufacturing of level 1 and level 3 masks, as well as surgical-grade masks used in health care settings, in compliance with standards of ASTM International, a global standards development organization.

Completed the onsite commissioning before shipping at ÉLITER´s facility in Wenzhou, China, the line is pending acceptance and then shipping to the United States.

A Regional Leader in Health Care

The new manufacturing venture is looking to implement an automatic line of protective masks for workers in the healthcare system and will be distributed to 1,600 hospitals nationwide.

During the epoch of COVID-19. HCA was full steam ahead to keep pace with the demand of 187 hospitals within its network to supply medical masks and protective products with the 1st line delivered by HUANENG – ÉLITER Packaging Machinery.

The company is now seeking to ramp up production capacity and to grow further to force its reputation and recognition within the field.


Smart Automation to Collate Medical Masks


The integrated end-of-line is to be connected to an existing medical mask production line to offer packaging automation.

The integrated system by ELITER Packaging Machinery features a smart collator and grouping system to group medical masks in stand-up positions and desired quantities with flexible configuration through the HMI.

The grouped medical masks are then pushed forward by a servo-driven pusher during the process of which the gaps between each piece of masks is narrowed down along the flow path.

The grouped masks are then transferred to a rotary plate from which they are fed to the cartoner machine.


Integrated Automation Solutions

Trusting ELITER Packaging Machinery’s integrated packaging automation solutions offers our end users with complete transparency about all the equipment involved in the line.

The code of conduct of ELITER Packaging adheres to “NO SELLING” that only with the authorization of the end-user is ELITER entitled to outsource packaging machines along the line that we do not manufacture actually. All information on 3rd party equipment is revealed to the end user thus providing full access to the machines involved in the line.


Work with us for Your Integrated Packaging Line

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is a manufacturer and global supplier of cartoners, overwrapping machines, and wrap-around sleever. Apart from on-demand packaging machines implement separately, we offer service as well to design and develop integrated lines for our customers.

Taking advantage of our experience in packaging automation, our integrated line service offers the following benefits:

  • Enjoying the expertise of a real manufacturer of secondary packaging machinery to review your automated line demand
  • Taking advantage of our expertise in sourcing the rest of the packaging machines from 3rd parties.
  • Enjoy the full transparency promised by ELITER Packaging Machinery: You will know clearly which machines are outsourced, as well as information and contact on the real manufacturer.
  • Save your budget with our compromise of “NO RESELLING”
  • Ensure the smooth working of the whole line. All 3rd party machines are first delivered to our facility for commissioning before shipping. This will offer you a complete quality guarantee, assure you and facilitate your work upon arrival.

Get in contact with us if you are looking for an integrated automation line and solutions.


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